Times SPM 2009

Hey guys, remember Times SPM 2008 set of questions with answers? If you missed that, you may want to grab it here!

The 2009’s set had been released!

Subjects included:
Bahasa Melayu
Bahasa Inggeris
Matematik Tambahan
Prinsip Perakaunan
Ekonomi Asas
English for Science & Technology

Welcome to Times Soalan Ulangkaji SPM2009 page. This year, we have compiled a set of questions for 13 different subjects. The questions were put together by a panel of educators who have extensive experience in the respective subjects.

The online version of Times Soalan Ulangkaji SPM2009 has questions and answers for all 13 subjects. As such, it might take approximately 2-3 minutes to fully download.

For those of you who wish to zoom into particular subject, do take note of the ‘Questions’ and ‘Answers’ based on subjects. To make this book more user friendly, there are icons at the bottom strip which allows you to perform many functions.

We truly hope you will find this guide helpful in your preparations for the SPM. Remember to study smart. The team at Times Guides wish you all the very best!

Official description from:

But, after u went to the website you will discover downloading the question or simply just want to VIEW it can kill you a lot of time. Although at last, you may be able to download the pdf file, but its just not convenient for you! So for the sake for ALL SPM candidates, i had made a major improvement for the file, and reupload it to somewhere u all can get it easily!

Why download from edu.joshuatly.com instead of official site:
– Smaller filesize
– PDF Bookmark had made just for you all. You can get to the subject’s question or answer within one click!
– unnecessary page removed (To make the file size small)
– Easy download!

LOL (Anyway, the copyright of the file is still belongs the writer, NOT ME!)

I guess i will be the only one will do this for you guys right! Anyway, you are free to copy and put the download link on your blog as long as you put a Click-able link as a credit and spread it out!

In case you guys want to see how was the original file looks like, you all might want to grab this! (Dont request mirror for this file)

Download (14MB)

Below was the optimized version of the file.
Rapidshare links are up. Mediafire links coming soon.

Questions and Answer (8.76MB)
Questions ONLY (6.17MB)
Answers ONLY (2.75MB)

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At last, mediafire links are up!



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