Recommended Reading Post for ALL SPM/STPM 2009 Candidates!

Hi all, i do think most of your trial had ended (Or going to end in one week) right!
So here i will starting to post up those trial papers i get (either from the web, or someone submit it to me)

Do you aware of this banner flickering on every end of the post?

Yea, as the banner said, IF you find any BROKEN LINK, please report by the contact page or email to .
Otherwise, if you find it difficult to download files from this site, please use the Downloads FAQ page ready here (Going to get it done soon)
Under some circumstances, you can request mirror but certain rules do apply, you can also read that in the Downloads FAQ Page!

And more importantly, if you got a paper to share, a tips, a useful exercise, powerpoint slide or any notes or reading materials, or even some words for ALL SPM/STPM candidates to share, welcome to send it to me. I will help to post it up here and share it around.

Hey, do you know that, v2 got its own FACEBOOK GROUP!
Heavy facebook user? Read facebook more than read any other website or blogs? You WILL like it!
Click on the link to go to our facebook group page, and simply click join!
Do invite your friends to join!

~~GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS~~ We got more than 1000 members in 3 months! Help us to grow! And hope this will help you too!

Below are some blog post or website links that are recommended to read for ALL SPM/STPM candidates! I will update the links frequently, and hope this will help you guys in the exam!

SPM v1.5 ~ Here u may able to dig something old but useful too!
Kertas Bahasa Melayu SPM Ulangan 2008
JUJ 2006
JUJ 2007
SBP Trial Papers 2008 Download
Learning to Score 2006
Learning to Score 2007
MRSM Trial 2005~2007
MRSM Trial 2008
Times SPM 2008

A Maths Webpage which maybe useful to you too~
Kelantan STPM Trial 2008
Melaka STPM Trial 2008
Istilah yang Sering Digunakan di Mahkamah
STPM Maths Paper 1 Past Year Question (1999~2007)
Physics STPM Notes and Reading Materials
Physics STPM Past Year Papers Collection
Johor STPM Trial Papers 2008

LOL, i still dont have time to generate the whole list of links.
Anyway, i will try to spend some time doing it maybe next week.
PMR is over, SPM and STPM is coming.
Add oil ya!



2 responses to “Recommended Reading Post for ALL SPM/STPM 2009 Candidates!”

  1. Wow……Do you have any spotted question paper ? There are too many states’ paper to be done !!!

  2. do u hv ant tips for sejarah spm 2009?
    i nid it hurry…thx a lot..

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