Soalan Praktis Bestari Project Jawab Untuk Jaya JUJ SPM 2014

Project Jawab Untuk Jaya (JUJ) is a yearly program organized by Yayasan Pahang, where groups of top Pahang teachers prepare sets of forecast questions for all Pahang schools.

This year’s question have 2 or 3 set of SPM format exam papers, to make it easier to download I’ve group them by Set A, B and C.
No answers are provided (unless mentioned specifically). Dont ask for it. If I ever get the skema jawapan, I will update this post with it.

You can also check out previous year’s JUJ:
(I did not get JUJ 2013, if any teacher have the CD or set of questions, please contact me. Thanks)
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Download Links

B.Melayu Set A
B.Melayu Set B
B.Melayu Set C
English Set A
English Set B
Maths Set A
Maths Set B
Sejarah Set A
Sejarah Set B
Sejarah Set C

Chemistry Set A
Chemistry Set B
Add Maths Set A
Add Maths Set B
Physics Set A (with answer)
Physics Set B (with answer)

Science Set A
Science Set B
Ekonomi Asas Set A
Ekonomi Asas Set B
Ekonomi Asas Set C
Geografi Set A
Geografi Set B
Geografi Set C
P.Akaun Set A
P.Akaun Set B
P.Akaun Set C
Perdagangan Set A
Perdagangan Set B
Perdagangan Set C

P.Islam Set A
P.Islam Set B
P.Islam Set C
P.Moral Set A
P.Moral Set B
P.Moral Set C
P.Al-Quran & Al-Sunnah (PQS)


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