Soalan Ulangkaji SPM 2014 | Revision Guide SPM 2014

Since 2007, (previously known as Times) had published yearly revision questions for students.
The set of materials include questions and answers for most subjects, and past year analysis in a handy table.


I’ve repacked the revision guide, combining the questions and answers for each subject in their own handy printable pdf.
If you want to download the original version, please download them at’s website. You can find them here. (email address required)

If you are looking for previous years collection, they are available below: SPM 2013 SPM 2012
Times SPM 2011
Times SPM 2010
Times SPM 2009
Times SPM 2008
Times SPM 2007

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Questions Only
Answers Only
Questions + Answers (Complete Set)

If you have more revision questions, past year papers, and trial exam papers, please send them to me at or drop me a message on Facebook
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4 responses to “ Soalan Ulangkaji SPM 2014 | Revision Guide SPM 2014”

  1. Hello, i don’t get it. why i can’t find 2013 answer for afterschool question. it suppose to have them on their website, but all i found is 2007-2012. and gladly, 2014 is not missing. where can i download it really?

    1. Hi farah, you can download it from my site instead. They haven’t update their page with 2013 papers, but you can get it from the link at my site.

  2. Princess_Millennia Avatar

    hey what the password for

    Protected: Soalan Ulangkaji SPM 2014 | Revision Guide SPM 2014

    1. The post will be unlock at an appropriate time at the request of Afterschool.

      Joshua Tee Lien Yu
      Please visit my blog at

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