SBP Trial Papers 2008 Download

SBP aka Sekolah Berasrama Penuh’s Trial Papers are popular demand every year.
They claim that similar questions on the trial papers will come out on SPM exam but i will say that those questions may appear more or less the same after some years.

So, download it and do as excercise. Im sure it will benefit you guys a lot!

B.Melayu Kertas 1
B.Melayu Kertas 2
B.Melayu Jawapan Kertas 1
B.Melayu Jawapan Kertas 2
English Paper 1
English Paper 2
English Answer Paper 1
English Answer Paper 2
Maths Paper 1
Maths Paper 2
Maths Answer Paper 1
Maths Answer Paper 2
Add Maths Paper 1
Add Maths Paper 2
Add Maths Answer Paper 1
Add Maths Answer Paper 2
Sejarah Kertas 1
Sejarah Kertas 2
Sejarah Jawapan Kertas 2
Tek Kejuruteraan Kertas 1
Tek Kejuruteraan Kertas 2
P.Islam Kertas 1
P.Islam Kertas 2
P.Islam Jawapan Kertas 1
Chemistry Paper 1
Chemistry Paper 2
Chemistry Paper 3
Chemistry Answer
Physics Paper 1
Physics Paper 2
Physics Paper 3
Physics Answer
Biology Paper 1
Biology Paper 2
Biology Paper 3
Biology Answer Paper 2
Biology Answer Paper 3
EST Paper 1
EST Paper 2
EST Answer
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Complete Download Page
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B.Melayu Kertas 1
B.Melayu Kertas 2
B.Melayu Jawapan Kertas 1 (Go to Rapidshare download)
B.Melayu Jawapan Kertas 2 (Go to Rapidshare download)
English Paper 1
English Paper 2
English Answer Paper 1
English Answer Paper 2
Maths Paper 1
Maths Paper 2
Maths Answer Paper 1
Maths Answer Paper 2
Add Maths Paper 1
Add Maths Paper 2
Add Maths Answer Paper 1
Add Maths Answer Paper 2
Sejarah Kertas 1
Sejarah Kertas 2
Sejarah Jawapan Kertas 2
Tek Kejuruteraan Kertas 1
Tek Kejuruteraan Kertas 2
P.Islam Kertas 1
P.Islam Kertas 2
P.Islam Jawapan Kertas 1
Chemistry Paper 1
Chemistry Paper 2
Chemistry Paper 3
Chemistry Answer
Physics Paper 1
Physics Paper 2
Physics Paper 3
Physics Answer
Biology Paper 1
Biology Paper 2
Biology Paper 3
Biology Answer Paper 2
Biology Answer Paper 3
EST Paper 1
EST Paper 2
EST Answer (Go to Rapidshare download)


Post re-written and re-post. All download links posted
Please kindly inform any dead link by email to me


  • haneez

    thanx for sbp trial spm paper

  • janine

    is this a standard paper for all states in malaysia???? please email me back

    • admin

      This is the standard paper for all Sekolah Berasrama Penuh!

  • Daarmesh Kumaran

    thxx for the fixed problem….help help me

  • weikl88

    answer for bm and sej 1 and paper 2 for maths have ?

    • LIshan

      Am havng d same problm..asking 4 ans but they don point in doing if cant check whether correct!!

  • green

    may i noe kl trial paper same wif selangor paper?
    izit standard?

    • admin

      sorry, i have no idea about this!

    • joel

      its not the same

  • Felix

    can i get Selangor trial paper tips or anything ?
    pls e-mail me ! tqtq .

  • I’m a physic teacher for 14 years, and I’ll be open to share with all of you.

  • thank alot man ……

  • Radar

    ah ler.. sej paper 1 no answer d.zz
    somebody prints it out and takes it to respective sej teacher seek for answer le..(i cannot do it ,since i always fail my sej and my sej teacher so tulan me

    if u got the answer then submit at here … lol ..dont be selfish ya .

    but for Math paper 2 , i’ll try to ask my teacher .lol

    • admin

      Correct! This is what YOU ALL can do!
      Not asking me, cos im not teacher, but ask your teacher in school or tuition.
      Get help from them and if there are any material or answer that you want to share it around, just simply pass it to me and i will do the rest!
      And you will be rewarded/
      remember the readers reward program?

  • harum

    science ada???

    • admin

      sedang cari
      kalau sesiapa ada, sila hubingi saya!

  • gayurina

    pls send me science,bm and moral plssssssssssssssss

    • admin

      No shouting please….
      im working damn hard just to get papers for you all!
      Im taking STPM this year, not SPM, so i might just concentrate more on my study, rite!
      Please, dont post papers/answers request!
      I will post up what i have in my hand!

  • umar

    TQSM for the SBP papers.

    Good Luck to all of the SPM Students.

  • umar

    Hello Friends,
    Got any trial questions of sejarah stpm 1 & sejarah stpm 2.TQ

    • prish

      hi…r u taking sej 4 stpm?im aso taking…do u have any tips…wer ur 4m?im 4m sel n i jz finiz sej1 2day…sej2 nex tues…help me out if u hav any tips…10q n tc…

  • zharukoz

    dont have answers ??

  • Qissielala

    Hi there,thanks a lot for trial spb papers ya
    really help me 🙂

  • Radar

    Can i have the password for editing the .pdf papers ?
    because i want to combine the questions and the answers together and erase some questions that i know very well so that i can save more time .and also save my ink ..
    My MP150 printer 1 cartridge cost me rm50 =.=”
    (1 cart only can print 100 pages)

  • yanyan

    next monday we got trial exam…we located at Johor.
    have tips trial exam??

    • admin

      haiya dont hope soalan bocor for trial lah.
      i already kena last year ady!
      at least got ppl post at shoutbox there! That 1 i dunno! Hsaha

  • riverslee

    thanks for the paper. I hope that you could upload the answers for Biology paper 1. Thanks !

  • juicebox

    T . T whr do I get the fonts for the P.Islam paper 2?

    • admin

      I have no idea.
      For me, or in my opinion, this is an unrecoverable error!

  • silvergunner91

    there are some mistake in the ans for sejarah paper 2. Can u fixed it?

    • admin

      what mistake, please be more specific!

  • silvergunner91

    question 2 (C)

  • silvergunner91

    also question 6

    • admin

      what problem?

  • Star91

    Hi admin ^^ Thx u for sharing the tips with us.
    Can I noe y din have akaun, est answer, bio paper 1 answer and BM answer ? If gt pls send to me can ? Thx ar~ ^^

  • Thanks for the loads of papers! I must get hardworking now. Am doing Biology paper 1 now , will try and provide answers =)

  • hmmcsnick

    really thx ^.^

  • jayasenan

    dude seriously man you really rock!! THx really for the papers

  • Bro,if do all state of trial means can score well ah in SPM.

    • admin

      basically ya, because you had already master your spm ady!
      But also depends on how well you do on that day(SPM day)

  • feezan

    thanks… this is 2 usefull…

  • Thanks bro.u realy help malaysian student bro.

  • zie

    i got a problem to register.i receive an email but still cannot download

    • tbala

      You need to download Media Fire software from the internet. The try again. All the best to you.


      • nope…
        no software required.
        or else use direct download link!

  • sayang

    chemistry paper 1 question 1….
    i’m noob at chemistry de pls help…!!!

  • aim

    do u know where can i find bio paper 3 (stpm)? i had searched it but just useless

  • tjq

    do anyone have sbp prinsip perakaunan 2008 paper ? post it up can ? plz help.

  • johnhu

    Thank you for the SBP papers. I appreciate it.

  • nisyz

    thanks a billion for uploading these trial papers. you helped a lot of people, without asking a single cent, and we really appreciate your effort. wishing you the best in everything =]

    • admin

      lol. information and knowledge need to be shared for free.
      the simplest way to support me is let your friends, or even teacher know about my blogs, including my mail page:
      and dont click on those advertisements except you are interested with it!

  • rosha

    can i get selangor spm trial paper?

    • admin

      hm… still try hard to searching for it!
      If anyone have, please submit it to me!

  • felioanthony


    • admin

      you must open with a software called Adobe Reader.
      read faq for more information and download links!

  • felioanthony

    plx help..thank you

  • zharukoz

    dont have science exam paper ?

  • evane

    Sorry for posting my comments on wrong page !reli sorry for any inconvenience.

  • mai_64

    sorry, there are some problem when i opened the ans for physic..

    • is it, let me check 1st!

      • no problem downloading and opening. please read faq

        • mai_64

          it still can’t opened it…wut should supposed i to do??

  • Bro,can you help me to get kelantan,terengganu,and johor SPM trial.My teacher have told me that this 3 states trial are the best.

    Your help always be in my mind.

    Thank You.

  • yumi_chin

    kl paper is different with this..

  • pxchua

    y i cant download sj paper 2?

    • should have no problem.
      read faq before you ask further question!

  • akmal

    hurm…soklan mara ada x??…lg 1, soklan sbp thn2 lps ada x??

  • mai_64

    when i opened the ans fo physics and English paper 1, it shows this message,

    Bad encrypt dictionary

    what does it mean??

    • please open using latest version of adobe reader.
      read faq for more info!

  • meaprilboy_17

    what difference between upload and download?don’t angry if this is a stupid question!im just a beginner

    • UPload means you put something on your computer to the web.
      DOWNload means you put something on the web to your computer…
      simple enough…

  • rishni

    i need some states trail PMR paper

    ps help me thanks

    • Sorry, i dont do PMR for this year…
      next year maybe???

  • xiani

    itzz the trial exam paper4 sek. teknik is the same like SBP ?

    • tbala

      Dear Xiani,

      The SM Teknik Trial papers are not the same as SBP’s.
      They have a different set of Trial Papers.

  • rajesh91

    hello bro.i want to ask is SBP SPM same as normal school(SMK)

    • SBP is sekolah berasrama penuh… i actually have not much idea what it is…
      But just know all questions are prepared by special group of teacher and those questions are usu very good!
      Haha, anyone want to help me to figure out what is SBP schools looks like or how they diffrent for normal school??

      • rajesh91

        bro i said about the SPM real test paper…. is both get same paper???

        • hai ya, use brain to think…
          and u will know that it is impossible

  • Thx For all of the SBP Paper yah !! I really appreciate on what u doin !! Good Luck to all SPM student this year !! and Good Luck to me too ^.^v

  • Endie

    thanks a lot yah!! ur effort is much apprecaited!!

  • mint

    thx 4 d post Y~
    wanna ask tat..
    do u hv any trial paper frm terengganu or kelantan??

    • still in the process of collecting it…

  • easyluk

    got lukisan kejuruteraan paper o not?

  • wei

    Any klantan and terengganu spm percubaan papaers 2008

    • ya, i have.
      please give me some time to sorted it out and post it!

  • wei

    Will some of the questions from sbp come out in the real SPM ?

    • tbala

      Please do not expect to see the same questions in SBP Trials in the real SPM paper.The SBP paper is a good practice for all SPM students because their panel members do try to set questions that are of the SPM standard. We cannot say that for a number of the Ramalan SPM papers sold in the book shops in Malaysia.
      My advice to all SPM students is to try and practice test papers set by SBP, MRSM and all the State Education Department’s Trial 2008 papers in all the subjects that you are taking to get a feel of the actual SPM 2008 paper. You will find the SPM 2008 paper much easier to handle when you have the practice of answering “standard-type” Trial papers.

      All the best in your SPM 2008!

      • rinki

        thank for ur advise i will find all trial, spb n mrsm question…thank alot

  • abirami0124

    Hai…Thanks for the SBP papers.
    I heard the SBP & MRSM trial paper number 3 is 80 percent similar to SPM..Is that true?
    So,can i know which SBP trial paper you offered?
    Will you offer the third paper…

    Really thanks
    Hope god will bless you for helping students like us..

    • the idea is more or less the same with spm question.
      not to say the same but similar

    • tbala

      I think you have not heard correctly. There is no such thing as “Trial paper number 3” for SBP and MRSM. There is only one set of papers for all the subjects for either SBP or MRSM. Even SBP Papers are different from MRSM papers.

      Forget about getting the real SPM 2008 paper (or 80% same) before hand. That is a criminal act and also cheating in exams. We do not want Malaysians who pass exams by cheating. We want students who go through the study materials thoroughly and pass exams.

      Get hold of the SBP, MRSM and other states’ 2008 trial papers and practice answering them. It is OK if you use your revision books or notes to find the answers to these questions.But you must practice answering these “SPM standard type” of papers!

  • rinki

    hye..anybody can help me i feel like stupid person i want to find spm n trial exam question but i did not get anything until now ..3 our im hear..can tell me how to get spb, mrsm n trial exm question..plzzz..frusted

    • tbala


      For SBP 2008 Trial papers in almost all the subjects, you can use this very blog, v2.

      For MRSM Trial papers 2001-2007, you should go to the website You type and you can get to the website. Then click on the year that you want to download. Remember to click on the English version.

      For State Education Dept 2008 Trial papers, v2 has some states like Pahang, Johor, Kelantan and Kedah. Other states , you must ask your friends/relatives.

      All the best to you and the other SPM candidates.

  • kiat

    why i cannot directly go to download those paper wan

    • tbala

      Dear Kiat,

      First register yourself.
      Then check and see whether you have Adobe Reader in your computer under ‘Programs’. If not, download the program from the internet and then try downloading.

      Mr Joshuatly says that there is no need to download any software to do the download but I myself had some difficulty doing it.

      Try and see if it works.

      Best Wishes.

  • hi can i get really examination spm
    tips or anything
    all subjeck

  • siti nor khuzaimah

    Thank you~
    Thanks a lot for the trial papers

  • amalina

    tq 4 all da questi0ns…
    it helps me a l0t…
    especially 4 my add math pr0ject w0rk…

  • TangKahKing

    er no kelantan ,Mrsm , selangor and Pahang paper?

  • edgeblue896

    I realise that the answer for chemistry paper 1 has a bit of mistakes.
    I would like to know whether the answers are provided by the SBP?

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  • Tang Kah King

    Selangor trial spm havent have?

  • qingyee

    Although there are no answers yet for some important subject to me. but yea, thanks for the trial papers. i think they help a lot for me in my revision. hope that i can do well in my spm. and if you have any answer for bio paper 1, sej paper 1, can you please inform me through e-mail? and there’s some wrong answer for chemistry paper 1. ans for no. one already wrong. lol

  • fateen

    is there any sbp trial papers 4 2008 (the latest)?i’m curious……

  • ngau

    i wanna ask sumthng
    do u have the questions and the answers for all states trial examination??

    • Dont ask stupid question…
      thats too obvious… NO.
      Im still try my best to collecting it…
      you guys (Not mean you actually) dont keep on asking me for skema… i dont have it. Go and ask your teacher to do for you!

  • ghl

    oh my gosh! i just found out that my school’s bio trials paper is an EXACT COPY of the sbp’s trials paper!!

    • Good lah!
      that means your school is so lazy…
      take SBP paper… haiz… too bad is too late you found out!

  • hey there.
    why i cant open it on pdf?
    it said bad dictionary encrypted.


  • Archimonde

    Hallo. is MRSM SPM 2008 Trial papers uploaded anywhere already? And which paper that is set almost the same as the SPM standard; MRSM or SBP?

  • yijiao

    er… how can i find the bio papar 1 de ans?

  • wunyhee

    thanks a lot for sharing the papers~

    but something i would like to ask is
    is there any ans provided for SBP BIO paper 1 ?
    if there is
    pls kindly paste it~


  • Hanisa

    Wow thnks alot for all this SBP papers, your site is helping me alot!

  • graboschbumeister

    Thanx for the Trial papers and i noticed that you didn`t added Pendidikan Moral for these Trial examination.I will be an honour if you added P.M TRIAL EXAM.TQ M8

  • yc

    y got some paper,i cant download?even i had log in ald.then the next page stil mention”You must log in to downlaod the file”.may i know what is the problem..thx a lot^^

    • is it?
      please check your browser again.
      or email me to tell me more, i will guide you step by step.
      shouldnt have this kind of problem!

  • alamelu

    got sbp form 4 2008 question and answer

  • wmr91

    is there any scheme 4 the biology p1?

  • Marilyn

    Hey..I was wondering why biology paper 1 still don hv answer??

  • orange04222

    Yea..when will u have bio paper 1 answer?/

  • Tang Kah King

    Lee Chong Hock Soalan Ramalan SPM BM Admin got? Can list all 25 tajuk ramalan Lee Chong Hock?

  • secret

    thx a lot.
    r u have ekonomi asas sbp paper?

  • adrian

    There is trouble downloading SBP Physics paper 2….

  • notygal

    do u hav kedah physic paper?

  • misa

    Can I know when will be the Bio paper 1 ans coming?

    • now it is available via ftp. (only those who donate RM20 or more will get it first)
      http download later… cos no time to release it.

  • kenneth

    thx for sharing imformation.. from penang..

  • jye

    halo….i have much problem lol…

  • jye

    y no kelantan papers trial spm 2008 de????

  • Jawapan Sejarah SBP trial kertas 1

    No Ans
    1 D
    2 C
    3 A
    4 D
    5 B
    6 C
    7 B
    8 B
    9 B
    10 D
    11 A
    12 C
    13 C
    14 C
    15 B
    16 D
    17 C
    18 B
    19 D
    20 A
    21 A
    22 D
    23 D
    24 A
    25 D
    26 A
    27 C
    28 C
    29 D
    30 D
    31 A
    32 B
    33 A
    34 B
    35 B
    36 A
    37 C
    38 A
    39 B
    40 B

    • easyluk

      thank 4 your answers

  • sushi

    Err…what should i do to view the questions??

  • cherriedpie

    thank you for the sbp trial paper.

    • cherriedpie

      ok i’m confused. i registered and activated my account and yet i can’t find the download link anywhere.

      • cant you read the annoucement?
        All downloaded had been deleted for a while since too many people click on it… my server cant afford.
        and 50% is because got people steal my direct download link!
        Damn they all!

  • Shar

    Hi jos, is me again~

    first of all thx for ur trial papers! i did very well in my trial haha except chinese paper =.=

    by the way, u hav deleted all SBP dl files… can u tell me the link to dl the skema jawapan for SBP trial papers? thx!~

  • Nic

    Hi…. How to register? I wish to down load SPB trial exam paper. thanks.

    • No more login and registration needed…

      • sin

        den how to gt it??

  • i really need all the science exam papers where can i get it???

  • sw

    i need also all the science paper…
    please let me konw wher can i get it…

  • shahril

    cant u prepare an answer scheme…and 09 trial please….
    mail me back asap

  • For your information, i got 2 reason not to do so.
    1st, is im not qualified at all! You know the reason im just a normal student, nothing so special. If i prepare also u shouldnt be taking my answer as a reff.
    2nd, no money no talk! Hehe!
    Can always ask your teacher to mark for you mah! Except is you misused my resources, which you want to get your homework answer without working it out! Then bye bye!

  • shahril

    then how bout sbp 2009 trial

  • nut

    sbp trials 2009 please!!!

  • shahril

    solan spm ada????

  • Yes the trial papers are almost similiar. Most important would be … how you managed to summarized into useful information to score in exam.

    There are a lot of forecasting to do but yes… you might get the tips from there. You need to compile the last 10 years forecasting questions.

  • pritz

    thanks 4 the trials papers……………………..

  • Nesha

    DO you know where i cld download, PMR papers from SBP?

  • arivin


  • Kikolicious86

    why i cannot download the answer for est ?

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  • LoreeKitson4

    My business partners were needing VA 21a last month and were told about an online platform that hosts 6,000,000 forms . If others are requiring VA 21a too , here’s

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