Register Problem?

After you register in v2, you SHOULD be able to receive one email with a verification link.
Your account wont be usable until you had verified it!
Please keep in mind that you have only one week time (7 Days) to verify your account!
Account that had not been activated will be deleted after one week!
After that, you need to re-register again at my blog!

For those who didnt receive the email after you register, please check these before you email me.
– Please kindly allow few minutes (about 10 minutes) for the email to arrive to your mailbox.
– Make sure you whitelist these email in order to receive it : admin[at]joshuatly[d0t]com and joshuatly[at]gmail[d0t]com
– Check your junk or spam if the email is blocked by your spam filter!

If you had done the steps above, but still fail to receive, kindly contact me using the contact page and please state your email address and your username that you used to register.
I will try to check for you and do manual verification whenever is possible!

If you havent register? Register now using the link at the sidebar!
Please leave comment at any post or start a discussion with your account logged in! This is because… *Top commenter will be rewarded!*
Details will be coming soon… on my readers and contributor reward program!
Spammer’s account will be deleted!

Thanks for reading and register @ v2



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  1. this is a test comment posted by admin,
    Purpose is to make sure member’s comment function works properly!
    And in order to test my comment count plugin also!

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