Check for PLKN Status Sessi 6/2009

UPDATE: Can check via WEB:
But still cannot know which batch yet!

Well, checking for PLKN status is available from now on (Sessi 6/2009)
Checking via web still not yet available at the time this post is published.
But checking via SMS is on now!

The method is simple… but expensive.

Type NS[space]IC No.
Then send to 33995

eg: NS[space]910145236789
Then send to 33995
Each message will be charge @ rate RM.50 cents!

Spread the news to your friends!

How abobut you? Do you KENA or not?
If KENA do you want to go?


  • Sofia

    Yay!i xkna!omg thts sOOo freakin cooL coz it’ll surely ruin my,reli hoping tht i wont get 4 other sessions tooo..

    • sue

      sue best x dok kt plkn????

      • sakura

        i try to check name list of candidates for PLKN but i couldn’t found it and can’t log in can i check it not through via handphone…

      • e-bok

        wui…. u never thought dat u are one of the victim.
        i suggest u dun too happy because ur spm result wii kill ur happiness. just think of it

      • Zed Lipis

        x try x tau….

    • sya

      duk plkn mmg best giler!!!!

  • Angel

    i got a question….wat is de meaning of 6/2009?
    is tat for all de sessions or jz de december-intake?

    • admin

      6/2009 means the plkn will be started in 2009 and this is the 6th year they have plkn ady!

  • summer


    • admin

      you can only know when the complete list come out!
      i got no idea when you manage to check it!

  • Ivy


    • admin

      you wont know which batch yet!
      This is only a general information.
      I think the complete list and info inculding which batch will know only after one month or more…

  • nina

    holla lolla!..
    i kne g plkn…
    sonok nyew..
    hehe 😉

    • rex_run-now

      hai awk…awk tepilih pi plkn kah??awk dari mana>??

      • ema


      • fyda

        itew dr s`wak rrrr….ley knal2???????????

    • holaaaaa

      haiiii……aku x dapat plkn lorrrr…x syoknya….

    • am0y_chaNtek

      besh kew g plkn???

      • foxthroth

        amoy what is your name ha???

  • xxspearboyxx

    halo…i didn kena plkn…is gov chose all already…or chose by batch 1????

    • admin

      i think they had chosen all ady!

  • Punk-Ciu-Ry

    bila mau start ni..?

    • am0y_chaNtek

      g plkn tlg aq cri blax yg nsem2 taw

      • foxthroth

        adeee saye la yang ensem..

      • foxthroth

        amoy pe name u??

  • xxspearboyxx

    thxxxx o……

  • rex_run-now

    sape2 yg ikut plkn siri 6/2009??ada?

    • sye kena g plkn siri6/2009

  • lol i’ve already checked, and i didn’t get chosen. xP



    • admin

      need to wait before you can know. not so soon!

  • dpat lar…ta kt ner ek???

  • dpat……

    • hanafi

      kem maner……..

  • HI,bro i have a question.When all the trial paper will be publish in your web.

    thank you.

  • apo l

    thank a lot…..

  • syarilSAJE

    x KENA.
    AWESOMEEE !! 😀

  • Jensen

    so now can check which batch ed??

  • QuiSyn


  • ranny17

    i did tio plkn Lols
    dunno go which place ><
    hope to meet new friends ;D

  • Violet

    But plkn for siri 6/2009 list havent fully come out yet.
    The last time they released was for the 1st batch students…
    that is what my teacher told me…

    • admin

      i got no idea… haha

  • Violet

    the new list came out they didnt publish in newspaper…
    and last fri i filled up de ns form..
    and i did asked my teacher..
    are we de 1st batch??
    she said ya….

  • ganesh

    hw 2 escape 4rm plkn??????

    • admin

      get a doctor to sign a letter for you!

      • Violet

        gt frm any doc ah??

  • ganesh

    plzzz help mee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LABUAN


  • pavithradevi.k

    i don wan plkn pls help me!!!!!!!!!

  • pink

    how can i know where is my place that i hv 2 go 4 plkn?

  • helpless

    if we want to pospone or skip or sick,where must we send our lettle? i m 2nd batch.when i will get my lettle?i really nervous…..i got homesick……i dun want go too far….what should i do!?sob sob……..

    • Debra

      U can download some forms frm their website.. If u sick den u shud go 2 de government clinic 2 do body check up…If u want 2 postpone ur ns bcz of study..den u shud ask ur college or skul 2 write them a letter….Their HQ office is located at Jln Ampang.. In my opinion I think u shud go for the ns training. It would be tough bt the most memorable is the experience and friendship. I have been there for 3 days. It was fun. Knowing new frendz.. Trust me! U will enjoy NS!


    any1 hav idea how to cancel plkn?? URGENT.

    • get an official letter from hospital



  • Bf no PLKN, Gf yes PLKN

    i think the method get a letter for hospital cant work.
    i heard somewhere, or from my gf, she said later at Plkn they will check ur health one more time.
    dunnoe whether this is true o not.

    good luck for all PLKN-ian!
    im waiting my gf.
    2 and 1/2 month more.

  • bby ara

    this status 6/2009 is for student who took SPM last year or for me that will be take spm this year??

  • bby ara

    this status 6/2009 is for student who already took spm last year or like me that will be take spm this year??
    plzz……..answer me

  • ryn

    hey. i cant access to the website. is there any other way to check on the list?

  • han

    npe x de lg tmpt tuk check plkn

  • ayeasha

    ooo yeah!aku dpt…skenyer….

  • hevind

    so that means if i’m 09 SPM student and i got PLKN.. so that means i confirm go on 2010? sighs… i wanna continue my studies la… y must delay like this? 3 months waste.. i could have study for almost a semester thr ald.. make the 4years longer oni

  • fung

    bila tau saya ialah batch yg berapa???

  • RiNe

    x ske la ngan plkn…mcm mane ne?

  • wwedota

    noooooooooo PLKN zzzzzz waste time only zzz

  • aiman

    ak x dpat plkn tapi ak teringin nak join..macam ner ek??ade sape ley tlong x??email ak kat

  • qiqi

    i nak tanya klu nak check nama sama ade t’pilih ikuti PLKN..
    macam mana ye..sbb sy pernah antar surat utk tangguh..tapi
    tidak dibalas ngan ape2 surat pun..

  • kamala ruban

    can i knw wer my place 4 plkn 4 2010

  • lala lolo lili

    mcm mane nak cek tmpt ek???????????

    aku dpt g plkn tp xtahu tmpt kat maner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • azroy@KL

    knp laman web pkln xdpt buka ek?????

    aku nak cek tempat ni????????

    member aku ckp g plkn x best????

    asyik kene ragging je???????

  • Andy

    so the results through the sms service is only available for the first batch? or all 3 batch?

  • amy

    ak kene gakk…

    pasaan aku gembira+takoot+xbest+sedih]


  • Chong Hui Yu

    sijil plkn yang saya terima salah type nama saya..macam mana nak betulkan??

  • zack

    sape ada kt cni

  • nor nabila bt yahya

    yahoo..brsedia r platih2 plkn 2009 yg akn tiba x lme lg..besh sgt spe dpt plkn

    • de plkn’s to be

      best??for certain people maybe………

  • vimalan

    saya tidak sijil kerana saya tinggatan satu bernti sekolah saya suka masuk army pls call vimalan sir madam 0197175761

  • scha

    npe gr0up 2 tak leh check ag?
    kasi taw r..

  • sunia

    MCM MNA NAK CEK TMPT PLKN???????????????

  • donna foo

    my son has been picked for March 28 at negeri sembilan. He is now oversea. pls advise me the address to reply or any necessary steps I should take.

  • hui mei

    cannot use one the blaughing cannot use …

  • bbyvent

    cmner nk cek plkn sri ke6 ne??

  • anna

    cmne nk chek plkn gne sms ek….???

  • de plkn’s to be

    arghhh…tension gler kna plkn!!!bla bleh dpt tw kem mna??

  • de plkn’s to be

    xmo p bleyh x?
    tkot la kna ragging nti..
    why me??????????????

  • nur fatma

    xbest arr..xtplih plkn..
    mtk cgt2 krajaan plih y btol2 ssuai..

  • aku tak bodoh

    plkn sucks!i want make other things after spm laaaaaaaaaa!!!U NEVER WALK ALONE!

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