Perak Trial SPM 2008

Perak Trial SPM 2008

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Containing papers like below:

B.Melayu Paper 1 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].pdf
B.Melayu Paper 1 Skema Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
B.Melayu Paper 2 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
Maths Paper 1 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
Maths Paper 2 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
Maths Skema Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
P.Akaun Paper 2 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].pdf
P.Islam Paper 1 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
P.Islam Paper 2 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
P.Islam Skema Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
Physics Paper 3 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
Science Paper 1 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].pdf
Science Paper 2 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
Science Skema Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
Sejarah Paper 1 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
Sejarah Paper 2 Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF
Sejarah Skema Perak Trial SPM 2008 [].PDF


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41 responses to “Perak Trial SPM 2008”

  1. exxn0mercy Avatar

    Hello, i downloaded B.Melayu Paper 1 Perak Trial SPM 2008, but when i open it, it show Percubaan PMR, not SPM = =

    1. xD
      maybe i had made a mistakes.

  2. knightyau1 Avatar

    Thx anyway~~~~~~~

  3. Tang Kah King Avatar
    Tang Kah King

    some paper like biology havent put on. Er if can put some more selangor and KL trial paper. those state is usefull for SPM students

  4. kent1991 Avatar

    thank for ur share.
    if u get PD paper is better ^ ^

  5. hye! i’ve tried to download the qs many times but i cant make it. how?? help me.

  6. TangKahKing Avatar

    Er i need biology de perak SPM Trial paper. PLS put on website

  7. can anyone post Geography SPM papers, pls!

  8. i,ve tried 2 download perak trial 2008, i,ve log in but cant download. Pls make it easy …

  9. thanks for the postimng
    but why i cannot sign in??

  10. blessedtys Avatar

    Hey erm may i ask how do u put click-able links anyway on blogs? can teach me some moves on how to opperate a blog??

    1. yeah, after STPM maybe…
      now everyone busy like mad…

  11. tan xuan min Avatar
    tan xuan min

    why perak 1 does not has chemistry?

  12. crazygirl Avatar

    i nid perak chemistry urgently!!
    if anyone have can share with me?
    send to my email address
    i wont mind to share with u what i have,if u willing to share with me.

  13. meegorengsatu Avatar

    hello i need chemistry, bio, fizik and the rest. please upload ! thanks

  14. can u post up the add math paper??

  15. pls upload the missing one’s xD

  16. divakaran Avatar

    helloo anybody can get kuala kangsar spm trial paper 2008.pls me,

  17. huhu…thx dude XD

  18. hie.. cn i hav de uploads on moral papers 4rm oda states?? and also accounts paper as well.. thanx so much..

  19. karthie nair Avatar
    karthie nair

    i wan more add math paper

  20. i dunno how to download plz…

  21. i need skema for bio

  22. darshini Avatar
    darshini cnt i open d exam papers???….i kinda geting tense up bcz of diz…wt shul i do nw?

    1. what you all gottat to do is…
      or DONATE! Haha
      choose lah!

  23. sherdrug Avatar

    Relax guys..hopely all problem can be sort it out..

  24. farhanah Avatar

    can i get papers chemistry,biology??
    please its very important 2 me…

  25. Just an average student Avatar
    Just an average student

    ok thks ya!
    btw any chances if u know anything bout this guy named andrewchoo?
    they say his tips are 70-80% accurate. is that true??

  26. thx very much…how to download??

  27. norshida Avatar

    i log in so many times but i cannot download the paper…??Why?i need it in such a hurry

  28. plezzzz…..
    sent kn paper bm krts 1&2 and ag krts 1&2
    kt my email…

  29. helo, please sent papre BI paper 1 n 2 to me
    tat is my email…

  30. Rishwin singh sinda Avatar
    Rishwin singh sinda

    give me some SPM tips ………… plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. after downloading ….cant look at the file …

  32. can u send me all the states bm paper 1 & 2? tanz…lots…

  33. joy sinnu Avatar
    joy sinnu

    please download me all the prinsip perakaunan,,science and additional science.

  34. the science paper 1 is not spm but pmr, can you help me to check it? thanks….

  35. do u guys hav KL trial paper 2009?
    add.math paper 1..

  36. help me joshua…can you download more additional science paper spm??please…i really mean it..

  37. tamilla Avatar

    thank alot.always update the scheme of spm paper of perak..thank

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