Pahang Trial SPM 2008

Pahang Trial SPM 2008
Hope can help you all.
All packed with answer!

Add Maths
Bahasa Arab Tinggi
Bahasa Cina
Bahasa Melayu
Bahasa Tamil
Ekonomi Asas
Kesusasteraan Tamil
Prinsip Akaunan
Tasawwur Islam
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  • florence

    I think the Sejarah paper 1 got some problem. I can’t saw the questions but I saw the answer. Thanks.

    • Thanks for informing the error/
      Im fixing it asap!

      • najihah

        i cant open any single file..why?

  • Pam Lim

    Thank you for sharing. EST Trial Pahang 2008 seems to have a problem. Only the 1st page is printed. The rest are blank.

    • thanks for informing the problem.
      im fixing it!

      • Pam Lim

        Thank you for the fast and efficient service. As a token of appreciation, i’ve clicked on all your ads lol.. seriously yeah.

  • kaethe

    Something is wrong with the Add Math paper, I couldn’t open it. Or is it just me?

    Thank you.

    • i think it is fine!

      • TangKahKing

        Er Why i log in Blog with my password and User Name but it say password wrong . Please help me solve this password and send me new password. I need Trial exam paper then discuss with my teacher in school

      • Tang Kah King

        why i direct download cant download the Pahang Trial question SPM? I already sign in o

  • pavithra

    ok thank 4 inform me tat there’s problems!!!!

  • 123456

    hey josh, something wrong with physics, please check

  • 123456

    forgot to mention additional mathematics as well

  • Im re-uploading those papers now.
    Hope can fix all the problem…
    Cos i think is because of the connection problem i faced yesterday made all files i upload got problem!

  • Katherine

    Thanks for sharing….

  • Danny Lee

    I think the add maths file of Pahang Trial SPM 2008 is damaged. I cannot download it.Please check. Tq

  • ramesh

    tekiu very much…Tis tamil paper is rely hplful!!!!

  • ramesh

    I cant se tamil paper…bcz the font is nt available in my comp….hw????

    • this one i cant help.
      find yourself lah!

      • ameerul

        lol,,,tamil papers are not popular u see,,hahah

  • ash

    why…can i download the paper?wat shall i do to get the papers?

  • nandy

    huw can i b member here

  • april

    do u guys have answers for biology paper 1?

  • Tang Kah King

    Got Selangor and kelantan Trial SPM question 2008

  • Tang Kah King

    Er does Andrew Choo tips can Believe?

    • hehe.. haha…
      This one really i dont want to comment… i dunno how to comment.
      Here is the story.
      According to they all, they 2006 tips is very tepat, then 2007 not very tepat because they say the majlis peperiksaan trace the website and changed the question…
      this is just a story!

      • ly

        well,spm paper was printed earlier b4 spm…so how on earth can they change d question !!! imagine all d paper being wasted n it effect on earth !!! plus kerajaan would not wanna wasted d money right !

  • Tang Kah King

    Er where u get the times revision question ? not november baru boleh dapat mei? that is SPM tips?

    • use search function bro!
      Its on my blog ady!

  • elmoblais

    thanks so much for all the papers

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  • hi!
    i wonder why i counldn’t download all d exam papers..
    when i click d link..
    it appears “bad encrypt dictionary”..
    so how can i download d papers?

  • ws

    how to download the examination question . ALways ask to register but I have tried . Each time failed . Can someone help . Thanks

    • Haiz…
      Im sick of answering all these questions! Read FAQ before asking lah…

  • taufiq

    this question is really tough if you did not read your text book …

  • hey, your sejarah paper is blank……….

    • your software problem.
      Check FAQ to know what version of software to use.

  • wane

    why cant open the paper????

    • Again:
      Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ Read FAQ

  • fidah

    nak kertas trial sejarah spm 2008

  • ivonlove1991

    the ekonomi asas file is damaged.. please help me to find the trial paper of ekonomi asas….thanks…

    • you are posting the same comment too many times…
      Too bad, one warning to you!
      Haha, dont repeat next time!

    • nope. the file is fine. check faq for solution!

  • Tang Kah King

    Er you already put selangor kelantan and Perak de trial exam paper? Because SPM want to come so i rushing at those paper

    • i have no selangor de papers.
      others i wil put it up asap.
      please someone submit to me selangor de papers!

  • Dear person incharged,
    I cannot open the papers for Pahang, Johoe, Melaka, and Kedah due to certain “encrypt”. Can some one PLEASE HELP?

    • Check your adobe version.
      You can read and print the document without much problem, but you cant edit it!

  • please

    y must need to join member to dl ur file

  • cutegirl

    i face a problem to register.. i din receive any of the confirmation email how?

    • for hotmail user, please check your junk mailbox.
      if still cannot get it, please send an email to me then i will do manual verification with you!

      • kee

        hi there….could you help me?mu junk mail also dont have….so what to do now?

        • send an email to me and i will do manual verification with you!

  • kee

    erm..i face a problem here….how to log in?i had search the whole wedsite…..but cant found….could anyone help me?

    • there is a login form at the sidebar there… if not look for the login link there!

  • llave

    after my email has beensubscribe….
    Email Subscription Confirmed!….
    what to do on next???

    • if you want to do direct download, you should click on the register on the top there… not email subscribtion!

  • jia2

    hi…i jus see d chemistry paper…may i noe d paper is 4 d whole state o jus d school written thr?thx so much..

  • eddie


  • myin

    Er..excuse me.. can i know wad program needed to open those file? cos i download edi but cant open~ =(

    • please….. read faq read faq read faq~

  • Tang Kah King

    Selangor Perak Pulau Pinang and Kedah Please put at website as fast as possible i wan do analisis. TQ

  • audreytmh

    err.. your malay paper 1 here is a pmr paper.

    • no ah…
      i think you are commenting on the wrong post is it?
      please help me to check again!

      • audreytmh

        Oh yes you’re right. Sorry I had a lot of windows open at that time.
        It’s the Perak Malay paper 1 that’s the pmr paper.

        • yeah, i think i know!
          Haha, thanks anyway!

  • ameerul

    hey,,,ive tried 4 few times dis signing up stuff,,but i wonder if i amiss one step,,becoz i didnt receive any verification link,,,this is mine,,,or it could be the site,,can u help me,,

    • send an email to me and i will solve it for you!

    • naeilah

      BOOO! kenal aku x..heheh


    who got the kelantan paper?

  • myara

    i hve done the registeration but i cant log in.. may i know why?..

  • xiaolei

    can i have the paper of ekonomi asas perdagangan from other state?

  • secretzssavvy

    i need another Geography’s questions…i need to download it immediately

  • adrian

    WHAT IS A FTP?Why no direct download

  • Hari

    why is it that i can’t login to check out the SPM trial papers anymore? well, i have an account but i cant seem to get in…

  • Joshua,ccan i ask u do u have any public log in ID?
    i need 1 to download trial papers …
    i know the registration has already been closed…
    can u help me wif that?
    pls sms me 012908152if u can help wif it..thx

  • sry i was using my pda to type …
    so a bit bad my writings..
    mum confiscate my laptop for a period of time..
    my no. is 0129081523

  • wily911

    y can’t download the trial exam paper ??

  • COCO

    y can’t download the trial exam paper ??

  • COCO

    HELP ME!

  • nicholas

    do you have perdadangan paper

    • i think i have it but download is not available at the time being. very sorry!

  • zInNiRa

    sOrY…wHaT sHoUd I Do BeCoUsE iT`S dIffIcUlT
    tO mE To DoWnLoAd ThIs BoCoZ I DoNt HaVe DoWnLoAde BeCoZ i hAvE No sIgNaL hErE..SoRi If My QuEsTiOn MaKe U bLuRR

  • you r making a question that i will never answer.

    • makino

      hahaha!!! funny!!

  • nanthinisubramaniam

    do u have any PMR exam papers.

  • nanthinisubramaniam

    sorry my comment was not so clear. do you have PMR tamil exam papers with you

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