Kedah Trial SPM 2008

Kedah Trial SPM 2008

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Below are download links from other websites. I dont upload these files and i dont have any copy of these files on my server and hard drive. I WILL NOT be responsible for any broken links below. Download at your own risk.

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Bahasa Melayu [kertas 1[kertas 2]
Jawapan : BM [kertas 1] [kertas 2]
Bahasa Inggeris [P 1[P 2][scheme]
Jawapan: BI [kertas 1] [kertas 2]
Sejarah [kertas 1] [kertas 2]
Jawapan: Sejarah [kertas 1] [kertas 2]
Pendidikan Islam[kertas 1] [kertas 2]
Jawapan:Pendidikan Islam [K1] [K2]
Pendidikan Moral [ kertas ]
Jawapan: PM

Mathematics[P1] [P2][P2_ans]
Chemistry [P1[P2] [P3[Ans]

Biology [P1] [P2] [P3 ][ Ans ]
Physics [ P1 ] [ P2 ][ P3 ] [Ans]

Source: SMK Sri Petaling Page


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