Kertas Bahasa Melayu SPM Ulangan 2008

Kertas Bahasa Melayu SPM Ulangan 2008
Packed pdf download (Muat Turun)


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37 responses to “Kertas Bahasa Melayu SPM Ulangan 2008”

  1. when the SPM ulangan 2008 result come out?

    1. want soalan bocor spm arhhhh

      1. urmm lau soalan bcor snanglh cm 2

  2. thanks for sharing! gonna try this one..

    1. i’m going to have my retest again this year .. any tips? i’m going to re test my BM again…. is oral included?

      1. WOKoY..GIVE ME TiPs!!

    2. hi im ganesh 25 years old tis year i gonna sit 4 my spm exam. i nvr followup the study for 8 years i wanna some tips in bm,bi,sains,met and 2 more subjek so i hope u all will help me if u all can plz sent me tips tiz is my email add (

      1. Hi garnesh, sorry i cant send any tips for you. everything i have are on this blog.

  3. Daarmesh Kumaran Avatar
    Daarmesh Kumaran

    where is the answer

    if just give the question how to noe our answer is correct or wrong

    plz make the answer fast

    1. NOTE: NEVER EVER asked for answer for what what what paper! I had posted up EVERYTHING I HAD! So you may want to get it from the other place or googleing to try your luck!
      LAST WARNING OK? Dont ask the same question again!
      Not only to you but to EVERYONE!

      1. Daarmesh Kumaran Avatar
        Daarmesh Kumaran

        oh im sorry!!! ok i wont do that again…….thxx for the reminder.. keep it up…… posting

      2. tangkeanseong Avatar

        erm…can eu lets me knoe abt the last date apply for the SPM retest

    2. dinesh Avatar

      can i know wen iz t laz day..for apply spm ulangan tiz year..i wana sit for t exam


    1. Double comment.
      1st warning!


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  6. Hi….i nak tanya.i bulan enam ni amik july paper perlukan contoh soalan.n how to score dalam exam bahasa melayu…dalam kertas 1 dengan kertas2.give me cara2 macam mane nak jawab soalan itu tersebut..reply me pls…send 2 my e-mail.

    1. salam. sye nk tnye awak ambek paper julai kat mane ye???????????

    2. berikan saya nconto soalan paper julai bahasa melayu…

  7. this one i have no idea. you need to ask your teacher to get more info about this.

  8. dinesh Avatar

    pls send to ma email urgently..nid to knw???

  9. dinesh Avatar

    me from tanjung malim i knw wich part could i go n apply..nearest school cn i apply..o by pos, m working nw..bit hard to take leave,pls help me out of tiz..thanks pls reply immediately by emaillin me

  10. erm… i dunno woh.
    but keep sights on if im not mistaken…
    or read newspaper sometimes will have news

  11. This is good contribution for those who need to do some revision on Bahasa Melayu paper. I use this set to do some prediction on what kind of question for this year. Thanks!

  12. shafirah93 Avatar

    haluuuu……i want join this club to discuss about SPM….can you send me all the material Spm….tingkieuuu

    1. kindly downlad all of it here!

  13. hai.awak ambek paper julai bm kat mane ye?kat sek or tmpt lain……………bantu lah sye?????????????

  14. hello sir ..
    may i know how to register july paper for subject bahasa melayu and bahasa english?

    where i must come to register for take repeat exam??
    how much for 1 paper? how much i want to pay money for 2 exam paper??

    hope u will reply me sir…

    1. go to your school and ask. i have no idea how… Sorry cant help!

  15. goh kok seng Avatar
    goh kok seng

    when the july paper ‘s result will go out??

  16. […] v1.5 ~ Here u may able to dig something old but useful too! Kertas Bahasa Melayu SPM Ulangan 2008 JUJ 2006 JUJ 2007 SBP Trial Papers 2008 Download Learning to Score 2006 Learning to Score 2007 MRSM […]

  17. klu sy lbh baik ambik tempat lain

  18. hamizah afiah Avatar
    hamizah afiah

    hello…can you give me tip peper julai bm 22 jun 2010 cz sye nk score utk dpt kdt dalm bm ini..blh awk bantu sye..klu blh tlngsendtip or klu untk exam nie nanti.

    1. hai…can u send me tips for jun bm paper…i hope u help me 2 score tis paper in tis year..thank u 4 ur kind heart

  19. hi,selamat sejaterah,boleh saya dapatkan soalan2 / tips untuk july paper…saya amat perlukannya…pertolongan darpd pihak anda…boleh saya daptkan balas daripada anda secepat mungkin.

  20. rosilabanu md aahir Avatar
    rosilabanu md aahir

    hai salam sejahtera,,boleh saya dapatkan soalan2 paper julai n how to score dalam exam bahasa melayu…dalam kertas 1 dengan kertas2.give me cara2 macam mane nak jawab soalan tersebut..reply me pls…send 2 my e-mail.pls. untuk pengetahuan tuan/puan saya akan ambil exam apaper july tahun depan di sungai petani, kedah.

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