Blog Updating Process

So glad to announce that, v2 ‘s reconstruction process had reached 95%!
Just a few STPM posts that havent been re-write and re-post since i got my files all messed up.
And i may spend some time improve the layout esp the ads placement as my google earning is like turtle=.=
After that, i will start publish some new content as well as trial papers when the trial started.

Thanks for those who visit my blog once a month, once a week, once a day, and once an hour (which i doubt it) LOL
Its your visit which keep this blog alive~
Help me to promote my blog to others if you feel this blog is good.
More good content to come!



8 responses to “Blog Updating Process”

  1. i knw u r very busy…but i really hope tat u can complete ur construction i really need ur note

  2. it will be done next month since i no more working next month and everything is ready!

    1. thank you so much

  3. ziyou Avatar

    i wait u so long oledi..but u still haven finish ur

    1. ya lor….
      my bad…
      im too busy with other things…..

  4. ziyou Avatar

    u r form 6 now??
    prepared some muet material for me,can??

  5. ziyou Avatar

    hei…hei…guy..when u can finished u reconstruction??

  6. ziyou Avatar

    so see the percentage ncrease from 10% to 20%

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