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JUJ 2009

JUJ aka eJUJ is a set of papers done specially by and FOR Pahang’s student! Its Very very very useful! On my site got 2006 ~ 2009 JUJ available for download! SO dont miss it! ALL IN ONE Pack B.Melayu Kertas 1 B.Melayu Kertas 2 English Biology Chemistry Physics Maths Add Maths Ekonomi Geografi Perdagangan […]

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Kedah Trial SPM 2009

Here is the set of Kedah’s Trial Paper 2009 UPDATED: COMPLETE SET OF PAPERS READY! As usual, All in one pack as what i always did. On rapidshare host of cos! All In One [adrotate group=”2″] Packed specially for science stream student Included: B.Melayu English Add Maths Maths Biology Chemistry P.Moral P.Islam Sejarah Packed for […]

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Trial Johor SPM 2009

Yeah! Hi all. Sorry for not updating my blog lately for so many reasons… (my test, no time,need rest. etc) And here i packed neatly for you all the trial papers of Johor. With answers provided. I optimized the size of the file so you can download it easily. Here are the two options of […]

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Times SPM 2009

Hey guys, remember Times SPM 2008 set of questions with answers? If you missed that, you may want to grab it here! The 2009’s set had been released! Subjects included: Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Inggeris Sejarah Matematik Tambahan Matematik Sains Biologi Prinsip Perakaunan Perdagangan Ekonomi Asas English for Science & Technology Kimia Fizik Welcome to Times […]

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Trial PMR Kedah 2009

Hi guys, this file i get it from one of my reader via email. And its super messy and i dont even have time to sort it out. Sorry Anyway, i uploaded it and share here. Those who interested just grab yourself a copy lah! RAR file. Use WinRAR to unzip. joshuatly2009

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