Whats up Next? Need some guide?

Hey guys, how are you all?
Whats up next after SPM/STPM?
Need some guide on whats next or what possibly can you further your study and where should you go?
Ya, i can give you few useful links for it.

1. Afterschool.my

This is a very new website and still in Beta phase. But the site already included a quite complete database of University and Colleges available in Malaysia, and also included duration of the course offered as well as the tuition fees as well!
Other than that, a list of available scholerships also available, included how you can apply it and so on.
Go and have a look! http://www.afterschool.my/

2. Malaysia Students
Malaysia Students is a very famous blog contains a lot of article covering from popular courses till some tips and overview of university life!
Bunch of article i used to read before i go into my current university. They are super useful!
Go check them out! http://www.malaysia-students.com/

3. Doctorjob.com.my

I think you had heard of seen one of the doctorjob’s magazine before right?
Their magazine is informative and the same apply on their website.
A bunch of advices and resources available to help you decide you way to university or college!

4. Recom.org Forum
Here is where you can discuss and see other’s opinion about different courses, colleges and many many more.

5. Lowyat.Net forum
Another forum same as Recom. Got question? Ask the FORUM!

Thats all for me. Any other links? Leave a comment and i will add to the post if i find it useful!
Enjoy your holiday by the way!


p/s: Happy new year! my 1st post after 2010 LOL
Spread the news if you do like my site. and i will continue doing this for this year!


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  1. pathma kumari Avatar
    pathma kumari

    When will the SPM result will be out

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