Updates 09/10/2009

Hey all, sorry for not updating the blog for so long, reason is mainly because im busy with my study and dunno this year the sharing of papers hadnt been so active till now.
Maybe many of you all get another better website for replacement for mine? I dont mind.
Just tell me if i shouldnt continue to work on this next year.

Guys, EST Papers are harder and harder to get from year to year, cos it is no more compulsory. Dont ask me. i dont have a single thing on my hand now.
My facebook group there also got a bit. check it out!!

I will spend some time to digg something out, and since i have not much time therefore most of those papers wont be downloaded by me and optimised. I will get the original link for you.
For that reason, i wont able to fix the link if there is a dead link.
Dont complain if anything happened to the link or the file.
Excuse me for doing that.
Till i have time i will slowly replace every copied links with my own uploads.

So in this post’s comment, i would like to hear from u guys do you hope me to continue doing the same thing for next year (I wills till continue for this year anyway)?
Cos its very time consuming and what im earning from ads is really not many.
Im thinking of just simply gave up updating this site in the future, or simply sell it!
Do anyone willing to buy my site? My site’s rep is quite good. LOL

Please comment, remember comment.

Thanks for supporting my site.
If u feel that u have some extra money to donate to me, i will be SUPER HAPPY!
(Although for this year no more ftp account for those who donate)
You can donate via PayPal (but paypal will charge an amount from me)
OR you can contact me and i will give you my bank account number for direct transfer!

OK, Thanks for reading. DONT CLICK THE ADS unless if u feel its interesting!



2 responses to “Updates 09/10/2009”

  1. i think that u should continue cos ths blog is interesting and the posts hv helped ppl like me a lot 🙂
    Thanks n i love ur blog!!

  2. I think you should continue to share because this website help me a lot~

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