Update Update

OK This update is basically a short message tell you that the blog wont have any new posts / updates till this friday or maybe saturday.
Why? Because i dont have time.
I need time to study, go to class, have life, do other things etc.
I hope you understand that.

And one more thing is, most of the time i dont have access to a proper internet access which allow me to download and upload papers without screwing my blog post (like having to write the same thing for 4 times due to failure to post things, or reupload the same file for 10 times….)

Well, from what i can tell, i still receive quite some number of papers (esp STPM papers) via email.
Thanks everyone who send in papers and willing to share to the community.
I promise i will put it up this weekend. (well,some i told them i will put up by today, but sorry i cant find time to do so)

For those who still have things to share with everyone who is reading out there, no matter is it useful notes, trial papers, past year questions, etc etc. Please send them in. In whatever format, jpg/rar/zip/pdf etc….

Well, i will usually reply to your email as soon as i receive them.

If you found your papers are too large to attached and send via email, upload it to either mediafire or skydrive if you already had a live/hotmail account.
After finish uploading, do email me the link to the file/folder you uploaded.

If you found something on the internet and its not on my blog yet, make use of the Tips Me form. Just throw anything there. But dont spam the form please. i receive quite a number of empty entry.

One more thing, about the shoutbox. The shoutbox is there for one and only one purpose. Its for you guys to communicate among yourself or if you have anything to say to me. Trust me i do read every single word you posted on there, and respond to it if necessary. You may throw links into the shoutbox but i warn you, i’ll be removed as soon as i saw that. Cos thats not the purpose. Use the Tips me form if you want to tips me,
Dont try to get any traffic drive from my shoutbox to your personal blog/website. You wont get it. You will get your url banned on my shoutbox.
Use it correctly, dont misuse the shoutbox.

OK guess i will post again coming friday or saturday!
See ya!



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