Trial Perak Manjung Trial STPM 2008

Here are STPM papers from Kedah/Manjung by my reader Peter.
So i share it with you all!

All papers are set by daerah manjung except the Pengajian Am Papers set by kedah and is a bersama paper.

Biology Paper 1
Chemistry Paper 1
Maths ST Paper 1
Maths T Paper 2
Pengajian Am Kertas 1
Pengajian Am Kertas 2


Post re-written and re-post. Mediefire links up. If you need more mirror, do inform me using the contact form!


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  • jasontan90

    would like the answers to the questions please.. TQ

  • jasontan90

    in addition to that, why is the PA paper is a Perak paper and not Kedah paper?

  • nanthini

    thanks for ur support.plz send me if got new events bout STPM.THANKS FOR JOSHUATLY

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  • shamirah

    thank u very much for sharing n for collecting d stpm trial papers from other states… really appreciate your effort… thank a lot again

  • sammiteoh

    thanks for your sharing stpm trial exam paper

    • for this case, i already post up the pahang papers here…
      but since for stpm we have very few source to get papers, i allow your link and hope that you will add some more files soon.

  • msnaza

    thanks 4 sharing question paper with us
    u r really helpfull.
    thanks 4 ur kind.

  • CYY

    the PA paper is a perak paper

  • CYY

    Snail mail STPM trials paper trade?

  • CYY

    must include answers

  • asz

    thanx dude..ur the greatest..

  • annieeq

    u say pa is set by kedah…bt i hv pa which is kedah state u nt like perak

  • funshining

    can i get the answer of all the paper that u posted here.
    not so nice if i just answer the question and duno the correct answer.

  • patricia

    does anyone has all da trials answers for Perak’s paper??

  • huiling

    can i have trail paper of bahasa melayu stpm,pergajian perniagaan stpm,ekonomi stpm together with answer?

  • jacky12

    Hi, I have the Perak Trial Papers for Biology STPM Q and A. Please advice me how to upload. Do I have to scan first?

    • yeah! i need samtet paper very much… but how come just bio only…
      haha. thanks anyway

  • jacky12

    Hi so sorry. I meant STPM sam tet papers. Biology Paper 1 and 2

  • sitiradziah

    how to dwnload
    i did not get anyhing

  • vava

    how to download??
    i din hv pdf file.
    but i relly nid the paper to do the revision.

  • hinglong

    thx for sharing
    it very useful

  • sukie

    how to get it??
    din hv any link to click..
    need to download any thing first??
    i need the paper.. thx.. ^^

    • you cant download?
      Not possible.
      try it out or ask your friends who know computer better to help.
      sorry i have no time to give much support

  • ashley

    Thanks for the STPM Trial papers 2008. However, is it possible for the answers to be provided as well? Thanks.

  • jenny

    Do you have any real STPM question ranging from 1999 to 2008 fulled with sample answer scheme?

  • lyn

    thanks vy much 4 ur sharing

  • eugenia

    Do you have any trial STPM question ranging 2008 fulled with sample answer scheme?

  • eugenia

    Do you have trial STPM question of pengajian am negeri perak 2008 fulled with sample answer scheme?


  • euenia

    Do you have trial STPM question of pengajian am negeri perak 2008 fulled with sample answer scheme?

  • eugenia

    can i hv answers of stpm trial pa perak

  • chin kia lin

    i need the past year question STPM for revision,pls,i’m weak in study,pls help me!

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