Trial Melaka STPM 2010

UPDATE 13/11/10: More questions uploaded with dropbox link
UPDATE 02/11/10: Added Maths Question
UPDATE 18/10/10: Grab the Pengajian Am Kertas 2 and Pengajian Perniagaan Papers below.

The maths files are provided by firdaus rizwan. Physics Paper provided by yee jiea pang. If you have more, send it to

I got one only Akaun paper from Cikgu Nazruki. If you have more, please fell free to send in to me.
Recently im quite busy, the update will be a bit slow. Please understand that ๐Ÿ™‚

Download Links

Perakaunan [w/ans]
Pengajian Am 2
Pengajian Perniagaan

From email. Thanks Qing Dwee for sending in ๐Ÿ™‚


16 responses to “Trial Melaka STPM 2010”

  1. I hv Melaka Physics paper. How to send to u?

    1. yeejiea, can u e-mail that Melaka Phy paper + answer scheme to me? my e-mail is hope u reply.

    2. Can I have it as well? That will be very much appreciated.
      Thank you
      my email:

    3. Yeejiea, can u e-mail the Melaka Phys paper+answer scheme to me. I will contra it with the answer of Paper 2/Section B Johor trial 2010 with you. Kindly e-mail at as I could e-mail you the answer as well . Thank you.

  2. Is there any biology paper?

  3. stevency Avatar

    is there math T paper skema…

  4. can i get the skema ekonomi..?

  5. does anyone have ans scheme for PA2 melaka trial paper 2010??….i need it urgently !!

  6. xianglinn Avatar

    can u find the chemistry trial paper frm Melaka?

  7. xianglinn Avatar

    can u upload chemistry and bio papers frm Melaka?

  8. tiffany lim Avatar
    tiffany lim

    Can you please e-mail all the above question paper answers to me except melaka one?because i really need them for checking my answers … THANKS YA….

  9. Is there anyway you can find a stpm physic paper 4? or format?

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