Trial Johor SPM 2011

UPDATE (25/9/2011):Added MORE papers. check download links below.
UPDATE (20/9/2011):Added physics paper.
UPDATE (17/9/2011):Added more papers.

Thanks salahuddin abdullah for sending in the Johor SPM trial papers since 2008. And here are the papers.

For anyone else who want to send in SPM/STPM trial questions to me, please do so by send me an email at

The papers are scanned, and the size is a bit big. I put up two versions up here, one is the original file version (the scanned images are not re compressed in any form), therefore the size will be big. (More than 10mb a file)
For those who dont have that much bandwidth, there is a readable (and i think also printable) version that are smaller in size. Anyway, the small file should be good enough for most of the people.

Only will upload small & optimized files from now on.

The papers are not complete yet since they are still having their exam, will upload them when i get them.

All papers come with answers at the back of the questions.

Download Links

Direct Download Links
B.Melayu ~ 4 MB
English ~ 2.5 MB
Maths ~ 4.8 MB
P.Islam ~ 4.27 MB
Sejarah ~ 5.3 MB
——-UPDATE 17/9/2011——–
Add Maths
——-UPDATE 20/9/2011——–
——-UPDATE 25/9/2011——–
Biology V2 (Cleaner version thanks lee ming sheng sent this in)
Chinese (lee ming sheng sent this in too!)
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File Size: Big (no longer being updated)
B.Melayu ~ 14.7 MB
English ~ 9.22 MB
Maths ~ 18.9 MB
P.Islam ~ 14.6 MB
Sejarah ~18.5 MB

If i have any error in the links, please let me know.
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