Times SPM 2008

This set question is from Times Guide Sdn Bhd.


Since from there you need to register to download, and plus the download speed is not so ideal and the files are quite big, so i decided to slim it and uploaded on both my server and mediafire server.
Bare in mind the copyright are owned by the company/author!

My version the size of the file is smaller. Please make sure you open it with Adobe Reader 8.0 or later!
I had also removed some unused page, like career option pages, advertisement…
So you can download it more easily.
Anyway, if you want to own the original version, please go to this website:

(I hope the page is still there.)

Download Link:

Download Page
B.Melayu Jawapan
English Answer
Add Maths
Add Maths Answer
Maths Answer
Chemistry Answer
Biology Answer
Physics Answer
Science Answer
Sejarah Jawapan
P.Akaun Jawapan

If you are interested with 2007 version, please visit this page to get it!


Post re-written and re-post. Mediafire download links posted. If you cannot download from mediafire, please contact me, i will make a mirror to you if i can!
Please kindly inform any dead link by email to me


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    can i get selangor trial papers

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    you are really doing a excellent job.. Keep it up.. TQ

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    Thanks a lot.. But be sure to check out the bio paper 2..The question 1 has no picture…

    • admin

      this error occurs on the original set of question i get.
      i will try to search for any fixed version made~
      thanks for reporting the error!

  • fikree

    no pendidikan islam paper from times?

  • Bro,thanks for the note.

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  • amyting

    Yeah. I detected some typos and minor errors in the answers too. Hope the questions are up to standard. I’ve done Biology, Physics, and Sejarah, so far it seems OK. And many thanks to Joshua for uploading all these papers from everywhere for us. 🙂

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    if get any news or tip of spm please send for me!!


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  • i really need some spm spoted ques.pls help.if u got any pls send me.i would be grateful if u send me.thnks

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    nk sokln spot tok spm sok..
    trdesak sgt nieh..
    de tau ker mna2 blog yg provide soklan spot nie..???

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    thx lot but where can i found more spot question 4 SPM 2009??

  • will be coming soon.

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    thanks for the downloand but i have problem downloading times papers 2009…:(

  • Hello there! I happened upon your webpage while i was on Google searching for a few recent Twitter trends to find what has been popular lately. Hung around a bit to take a look around and read some of your articles… good stuff. I will make sure that I get around again some time in the next month or two.

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