Thanks, And All The Best

A message to everyone out there.

First, for thanks for supporting my site for these months. I wont have the ‘ohm’ to continue doing this without you guys being so supportive.
Special thanks for everyone for contributing the papers, i wont be able to do this without you guys.
These are some names that i can remember that contribute to this site:

Firdaus Rizwan
Yee Jiea Pang
Siti Fatmarini
Theeng Eri
Ong Su Teck

Its obvious, there are many many more people who contribute that i didn’t list down their name here. Sorry cos i don’t have the time to dig all your names, im very sorry.BUT, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Imagine a college student want to get SPM/STPM materials without direct help from schools and government, its near to impossible.

Thanks to also some sites out there who publish the trial papers, and thanks for letting me take them and redistribute them here.

And, most important, thanks for everyone who read this blog, reading this,those let your friends or classmate know about this site. Without you guys, i cant do this well this year.
If you havent already know, since 2006 i had been doing this, and this year is the year i get most visitors and good feedback from you all. Thanks a lot.

If you ask me, did i do a great job this year? I will say, not really. Then who did the great job? YOU GUYS AS A READER! (And also contributors of cause). I know my blog’s layout is kind of sucks, and some things broke here and there. Sorry for giving you guys a rough user experience and thanks for still continue staying here.

For your information, i will start preparing for next year’s content from the end of this year. I will approach advertisers, and hope by using the money i get, will able to generate more awesome content here.
And i had something awesome boiling, and hopefully next year’s student will be able to enjoy them lah.
And let your seniors know about this site, and im looking for “editors” to help me manage the site (with pay of cos). Students studying in Form 5-upper 6 in 2011 are welcome to apply. More details a bit later.

And note that I’ll be continue doing this for the coming years, probably and hopefully will do even better than this year. Keep an eye on the blog even when it’s not exam period since i might had something for those are going to take SPM/STPM in the future!
Please help spread the word. Your word of mouth means a lot to me.

Last but not least, ALL THE BEST to your exam! hopefully this blog do help you with your exam. Wish all of you score a good mark in your SPM/STPM. Dont be to stress last-minute, and I think all of you will able to do well in exam.

Do come back even after exam and share some of your SPM/STPM stories, or even stories about getting into university. I’m happy to listen to them. 😀



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    Bhgn B
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    Bhgn D
    Carta Pai
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    Carta Alir

  2. firdaus rizwan Avatar
    firdaus rizwan

    hey, you’re welcome. also don’t forget to mention some other contributors like Pey Sien, Emeth Teo, Yong Eow & others too. keep up good work!!!

  3. I am keen to help to manage the site, though my knowledge in managing the site is almost zero. I am a teacher and really hope to build up an educational site like this to share information with all the students and academicians.

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