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Istilah yang Sering Digunakan di Mahkamah

This note is very useful to all STPM students who taking Pengajian Am. You may want to remember these terms in order to do some particular questions about Kehakiman. Download for this notes are available. ISTILAH YANG SERING DIGUNAKAN DI MAHKAMAH 1. Afidavit – Satu kenyataan bertulis atas nama seorang yang bersumpah dan menandatangani kenyataan […]

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Kelantan STPM Trial 2008

At last i got this post updated. Sorry to take so long to update the dead links for this post. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=314bc997a58906348066db0503cf4f2cc1ab41efe6cf6174 this five files are provided by ikhsan. I had modified those files and made some improvement esp on the two Pengajian Am file. Enjoy. Submit your trial papers to me by sending it to: […]

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