STPM 2010 Result Release Date On 21st Feb

Starting from 21st February 2011, 12pm, STPM 2010 students can collect their results at their school.
Alternatively, you can check via sms or visit

Check STPM result via SMS
STPM<>No. K/P hantar ke 36363
STPM<>RESUL<>No.K/P hantar ke 15888

To clear up some doubts, you can check your result via SMS only AFTER 12 afternoon on Monday

And one more note, whenever result you get, stay calm.
When you get a good result, just sit there diam diam and act normal lah, dont be like become hyper and jumping all around the school, and go ask your friends “eh what result you get ah”, and when they say “2B2C” then you say “ahhhhahahahaha, n00b”
Dont act like that ๐Ÿ˜›

And if you get a bad result, just stay calm, how bad the result is, do apply for the public uni if that is what you want. There WILL BE a chance where you can get it. If you are planning and ready to go to the society and have a job, all the best to you!

If you are going to private college, apply for degree courses if you can, and the most important thing, go choose the course you like the most. Dont study for your parents, study for yourself.

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Please share your results with me if you want, all the best.



5 responses to “STPM 2010 Result Release Date On 21st Feb”

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  2. when spm result come out ?

    1. No idea, will keep you posted.

  3. some schools have received surat pekeliling saying it’ll be on 10th March.. MOE has confirmed it wont come out any later than 23rd March though..

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