Pahang JUJ SPM 2008

JUJ Pahang.
A very complete set of question.
I hope i can get 2009 one as well.
Here are 2007 and 2006 set of papers.

Enjoy Mediafire links:

Add Maths
B.Melayu Kertas 2
Bahasa Arab Tinggi
Pendidikan Islam
Pendidikan Moral
P.Syariah Islamiah
Prinsip Perakaunan
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Post re-written and re-post. Mediafire links posted.
Please kindly inform any dead link by email to me



58 responses to “Pahang JUJ SPM 2008”

  1. please can you give us the answer for physic paper 1 & 3 for JUJ praktis bestari

  2. thx 4 the post.

  3. y dun have KL de 2008 de trial paper ?

    1. nope…
      do you have any?
      Submit to me!

  4. Happy Mitten Avatar
    Happy Mitten

    Joshuatly, i got the juj disc la, but i dunno if it’s the practice ones. It’s a bundle of weird stuff like the analysis and tips, do u want me to e-mail it to u?

    1. Hm… JUJ Disc… i heard my teacher say this year not coming out anymore…
      can you burn it and send it to me via post?
      Cos it usu is a little bit big… like 300mb++
      then i will slim strip it and put it on the web.
      i already sent an email to you regard this JUJ thing.
      Please check.

      Thanks very much!

    2. Cheek_hoong1994 Avatar

      i want can u sent me

  5. Happy Mitten Avatar
    Happy Mitten

    Sorry for the late reply, the JUJ disc i’m not sure if it’s the right one but i cannot burn the disc. I’ve copied most of the data from the disc as Adobe Reader format. I think it’s better to send them through e-mail.

    1. then can you please email to
      But please wait for two days before you email it to me…
      i try my best to ask from my teacher… less trouble!

    2. Cheek_hoong1994 Avatar

      can u burn the cd to me? money i will paid for u ! If u see i leave this message for u ! u can reply me immidiately in my phone number 0109155956! SMS only!TQ

  6. thanks for everything

  7. Happy Mitten Avatar
    Happy Mitten

    Ok, but u need to remind me o =)

  8. I have the cd for juj 08.

    1. i have most of it ady!
      Thanks for your offer.
      If i need anything from you i will contact you!

    2. Cheek_hoong1994 Avatar

      can u burn the cd to me? money i will paid for u ! If u see i leave this message for u ! u can reply me immidiately in my phone number 0109155956! SMS only!TQ     

  9. How to login?
    I find difficulty to login

    How to type in selangor papers since I have chemistry all paper, physic and Add Maths all papers

    1. you want kena ban?
      post so many comments asking how to login.
      then why i write the faq page?
      want to submit papers email or contact me!

  10. Hi, u put chemistry JUJ under pahang trial pprs… That’s why no che JUJ under the JUJ Pahang 2008…

    1. Chemistry Pahang JUJ and others subject will be up very soon.
      thanks for informing me the error!

  11. do u have the JUJ for biology? cause most of JUJ are here except the biology ….

    1. will update it soon

  12. Dear Joshuatly,
    I’m new to your website and I’m helping my sister to download the JUL Pahang Trials but I had difficulties in downloading all the physics paper. I’m not sure whether it is my computer problems or is the files? Because there is a pop out saying tat the file is damage! Can you please check?

    Thousand Thanks.

    1. which file or every file is the same problem?
      If every file got problem probably your pc’s problem.
      Check FAQ see can help or not!

  13. Thanks Joshua, I could download d physics file d..

  14. thankz alooot..

  15. can e help me to get EA paper ??

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  17. Pls update the JUJ SPM 2008
    Some subject like BM , Bio , Physics are not in there
    Tq. 5/10/08

    1. OK>
      I will compile it today and i think should be released tomorrow!

  18. y i cant open by using micrsoft word 2003….Is it too old not functioning

    1. Nope…
      Read FAQ>
      Open using Acrobat reader only!

  19. Thank You Very Much!
    This website is really useful to teachers, especially those teach F3 and F5 teachers!
    Thanks again

  20. Don’t u have kelantan trial exam papers??

  21. lawrence Avatar

    can post kelantan trial spm paper?

  22. cha19ram Avatar

    wat actly mean by juj paper? is it rial paper?

  23. Help me pls…i hav problem to open the paper . The microsoft word occur the {file conversion }.Wat is tat…can u reply me via email.Tq

    1. use the correct program to open it.
      read the FAQ before asking!

  24. ok …tq…i hav solve it.

  25. boxofjuice Avatar

    Thanks a lot! I think the Add math JUJ will be my salvation…I’ve had enough of 50%! XP Give me 70%!!!
    *ahem* thanks again! ^_^

  26. sorry to disturb, but can u pls update ur JUJ? some subjects are not there cause i need them for revisions… thanks

    1. OK.
      i will do so asap!

  27. JuJ Pahang 2008 above is a lot different with real JUJ PAHANG.. I know that, cz i’m pahang student.. And I got real JUJ pahang..

    1. this is the seminar bahan.
      and i think what you do is simply just one set of question rite!?!

  28. thanks for ur sharing. The JUJ is really useful but only lacking if biology paper… do u have any ways to get them? or anybody can help?

  29. the physics JUJ module has error as the file only contains several pages (less than 10 pg)

  30. hey
    why theres no sej link for pahang trial paper??
    where is it??

  31. juj??
    wht’s tht??
    kinda blur here..

  32. Hmm, where can i download JUJ Pahang 2008 answers? O.o
    I’ve done the question paper but no answer to mark…. Sob..

  33. Kevin Loo Avatar
    Kevin Loo

    Sorry to said that the JUJ 08 files is not complete . The JUJ Biology 08 is missing . Pls upload that , i searching that file for a long time . Thank You .


    1. not available

  34. JUJ Biology 2008 it not there . Pls upload it . Thanks .

  35. biology not available

  36. Katrina Avatar

    i want the juj for add maths. but i cant download it. i cant find the link for it with this computer.last week ago i was using my desktop n i was able to click n on the add maths n it can download but for this computer it does not have a link. tell me what’s wrong?

    1. hm… your pc problem that i cant help… change browser maybe will do. recommend Firefox or Google Chrome

  37. stephanie Avatar

    why no biology paper? i need biology!!!

  38. miss orange Avatar
    miss orange

    please give the answer for
    koleksi soalan topikal kertas 2 (juj 2008)
    prinsip perakaunan

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