No new site. Project cancelled.

OK I hinted the new site coming soon (in fact i promised this month) right!
So now there is an update:
Sorry, no new site. The project had been cancelled due to some concern and technical difficulties.
Make it simple, no time + having problem + dont foresee any $$ = no new project
Although i had already invest months of time and some money to the project, but im forced to do this decision (while the site is half way ready at:
which may be removed at any point of time)
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But no worry, no new site, but this blog is here to stay.
I’ll try to get new content up as soon as possible (as long as i got more than hundreds of readers per day), give support for this site (and maybe revamp a bit if i got time to do so), and you can continue enjoy this site! 🙂

So enjoy! By the way, im still looking for contributors, OR even people willing to take over the whole site and manage it (which means you may have it still hosted here or you can get the complete copy of my blog database) .
Contact me if you want to contribute or take over the site. (Use contact page pls)

OK Thats all for this update.
Have a nice day


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  1. maybe next time i will take part in your project


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