Mirror File Hosting Poll

I do this poll for ALL readers of this blog. As i will release most of those notes,tips and questions in the form of pdf or other document files, i will host is on my current web hosting.
Due to limited bandwidth of my hosting package and want to ensure my blog always keep at top speed, i will do a mirror link to ALL download link.

Here i want YOUR opinion to decide which web hosting YOU prefer to download files from.
Considering the easy to use, speed, and others, please choose the best file hosting you feel.

Before the poll start, i will like to introduce those web hosting to you all, so that you all can try it out and give your comment.

All links below are a 5mb file. NOTE that the files is only a DUMMY file. It does not contains any information. Just for testing purposes.

Download Link

Download Link

Download Link

Download Link

Download Link

Note, please test the download before you vote. See is it easy to use, does it annoy you, how is the speed….

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Please vote.


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