Minor Tweaks & Site News

Hey there! I did some minor tweaks to my blog. along with that is some site news. Do read.

1. Before this you guys will be able to read the whole junk of posts in the home page without the need to click into the post. But i discover that this is the time that i might have more than 2 new posts on the blog everyday, and its not convenient for you all to scroll till the very end to click on the next page.
So i did this, now when you need to read the whole post, you either click the post or click the link on the bottom of the post to read it.

And the home page will show 8-10 posts while the page finish loading.

2. The Tips Me Page is now live!
So, have something to tips me, click the link above and do it now!

3. Finally i had social network integration on my blog (it should be here for a long long time but just i dont have the time to sit down and do it :P)
Twitter or facebook, if you like this blog/post, click the share or tweet button to share it with your friends.
On the home page, the tweet/share button is for general edu.joshuatly.com
On every post/page, there is an individual tweet/share buttons on the top of the post. Just click it and it will guide you to post it to your facebook or twitter.
Its that easy.
Do me a favor, do share every post you read on facebook/twitter. Do this to support me OK? ๐Ÿ™‚

4. The <a href=”http://edu.joshuatly.com/faq/”>FAQs and Help pages was updated too! Check that out.
For you bloggers out there which may want to use my materials, go ahead and read the do and donts.

5. Before this there IS adbrite ads appearing on the site, and now i had removed them (completely i think :P)
Reason for doing so is it is not generating any revenue for me. (USD 2 for 3 months…zzzz)
So i decided not to use that as adbrite ads also slow down the loading time.

6. Site news: as you may already discovered, i uses multiple mirror this time on every post.
Posterous, Google Docs, and Mediafire. I would like to know about YOUR feedback on the new system, esp on those file hosting services.
Do let me know how can i improve. Leave it in the comment below.

7. To ensure you doesnt miss any article or posts on the blog, please kindly insert your email here (on the sidebar):

Then when there is new post(s), it will send an email to you and let you know!

8. For those who are on twitter, do follow me on @joshuatly. Haha i need more follower. The more the merrier! I’ll tweet whenever im writing or when the post is up. ๐Ÿ˜›

9. Donation.
If you appreciate my work, and want to throw me some money (ya, i do need those money to survive my everyday life :P) DO use the paypal button available on the sidebar. OR if you dont have paypal, you can bank in to my bank account (Maybank/RHB/CIMB bank) directly. Email me for the bank in details.

10. Thats all, thanks for reading!



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