UPDATE (24/09/2011): Updated i believe all or not most of the JUJ modules.

JUJ Modules are compiled by a group of Pahang Teachers. There are notes, exercise, tips and more.

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I already uploaded all i got, if got more i will update this post.

Contact me at joshuatly@gmail.com if you have anything to share here.

Download Links

B.Melayu JUJ (Teachers Materials)
——–UPDATE 24/9/2011——–
Add Maths
B.Melayu (v2)
Ekonomi Asas
Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah
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10 responses to “JUJ SPM 2011”

  1. hi there. this is JUJ ppr for 2011?

  2. this is JUJ 2011?

    1. I think so, as the title and description suggest it IS juj 11

  3. Hi, thanks for uploading the materials.

    JUJ 2011 is not in complete, lack of English subject. Can you upload it ?

    Can you upload a full copy of JUJ 2011 without watermark.  Thank you very much.

    Cikgu Loo

    1. Sorry, i have no english papers. And unfortunately i cant upload a set w/o watermark. If you mind telling me the the reason to remove the watermark, or contact me at joshuatly@gmail.com to sort things out.

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  6. hi,,i need some tamil exam papers..can u upload some tamil papers?

  7. hi , i cant seem to open the
    B.Melayu JUJ (Teachers Materials)

    is possible if u send me an email of it as soon as possible. pls thank you so very very much

    1. Make sure you open the file using latest version of Adobe Reader. Download latest version of Adobe Reader at http://get.adobe.com/reader

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