Excel Sabah Trial 2008 SPM

Excel Sabah.
This are sets of questions made by Sabah’s Teacher!
Ya, I got both SPM and STPM one.
To make it easy, i separate it into two posts. This is for SPM and THIS is for STPM.
Note that actually there are more than one set of questions available, but these are what i get for now.

Complete Download Links
Add Maths Paper 1 (questions and answers) (set 2)
Add Maths Paper 2 (questions and answers) (set 2)
B.Melayu Kertas 1 (set 1)
B.Melayu Kertas 1 (set 2)
B.Melayu Kertas 1 Jawapan (set 2)
B.Melayu Kertas 2 (set 2)
B.Melayu Kertas 2 Jawapan (set 2)
English Paper 1 (set 2)
English Paper 1 Answer (set 2)
English Paper 2 (Set 2)
English Paper 2 Answer (Set 2)
Maths Paper 1 (Questions and Answers) (set 2)
Maths Paper 2 (set 2)
P.Islam Kertas 1
P.Islam Kertas 2
P.Islam Kertas 2 (2)
P.Islam Kertas 1,2 Jawapan
P.Moral (set 2)
P.Moral Jawapan (set 2)
Science Paper 1
Science Paper 2
Sejarah Kertas 1 (Soalan dan Jawapan) (set 1)
Sejarah Kertas 2
Sejarah Kertas 2 Jawapan
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Post re-written and re-post. Mediafire download links posted. If you cannot download from mediafire, please contact me, i will make a mirror to you if i can!
Please kindly inform any dead link by email to me



16 responses to “Excel Sabah Trial 2008 SPM”

  1. Thanks for the post

  2. no answer for the science paper ?

  3. TIMES SPM PAPER IS SUPER PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. cn u search for me spm 03 phy and chemistry real papers.plzz i need it very.plz admin.:-)!!!!

    1. hi ganesh,
      i have that paper with answer. i would like to give it to you.. hope to hear from you soon.

      this is my email address : harum_happy@yahoo.com.my

  5. Hw come no phy chem bio paper????????

  6. i want to see the note

  7. hw i want to take the paper from u admin???

  8. SORRY..i dont understand y its call excel sabah? y dont just sabah? is it any different?

  9. hey..
    is there any way we could get the physics,chemistry n bio papers with the answers? would appreciate it if u could insert those papers here as well.thanks alot!
    cheers 🙂

  10. ilovemyfamily Avatar

    Why do not has Add maths 1 Terengganu ?

  11. cant open sejarah paper 2 ans -_-“

  12. vincent3604 Avatar

    I can’t see the link for some reasons

    1. everyone cant see link for ONE reason: Cos i got no money… xD
      read annoucement on home page please

  13. can i ask u for the answer for add math trials paper from sbp?? i want to check my answer for revision. plieszzz!!!!

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