Excel Sabah SPM 2010

Here is the Sabah 2010 set of question thanks chilikhong for sending in this set of questions.

All questions come with answers.

Download Links

Add Maths [w/ans]
B.Melayu [w/ans]
Biology [w/ans]
Chemistry [w/ans]
English [w/ans]
P.Islam [w/ans]
P.Moral [w/ans]
Physics [w/ans]
Science [w/ans]
Sejarah [w/ans]



22 responses to “Excel Sabah SPM 2010”

  1. Hello. Are you going to post the all in one pack for Sabah ? By the way,thanks for all the downloads so far. I am enjoying your blog very much ! Very useful website ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I will upload it when my internet is working again.

  2. Can u add link for Mediafire ?
    I cannot download link for Posterous.

    1. i will upload as soon as i got a proper internet

  3. wong jian hao Avatar
    wong jian hao

    do you have accounts trial paper for sabah?

    1. I do have a post for P.akaun collection. Do check there.

  4. I couldn’t upload the papers your given. It’s blank! Please do help.

  5. sorry! not upload, its download*

    1. Use latest version of adobe reader please. Thanks

  6. why x paper BC??

  7. Can you please upload the Prinsip Akaun Sabah Trial Paper?
    Thanks a lot…

  8. The bio paper cannot open the pdf…..why de?

  9. WHy the bio cant open de?

  10. thank for this this very help me to take spm ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Ryan paya Avatar
    Ryan paya

    knp erk pper chemist x bly bkak..?

  12. Hey thx for this sabah paper but can u also do it in Mediafire

    1. sorry i got no time to do so.

  13. yesterday i got see the all negeri trial paper provide by ???bumi…why today cannot found it…please help me…thank

  14. hw 2 upload the documentz???….i mean da papers!!..can u plz help me????..tq!!…:)

  15. can add media fire download version pls><?

  16. All download links are fixed

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