Check SPM Result via SMS

A lot of people had been asking me can they check their SPM result without going to their school. I understand many would like to do this maybe because of they are working, or dont want to face the truth. Haha, anyway, there are a lot of reasons to not go to school and get your result.
And this post is also dedicated to those private candidate who always dont have any idea where to go and collect their result. So now you know. And i think you will get your cert mailed to you later of the week or month.
Now you can check your SPM result via SMS.

Check SPM result via SMS

Starting from 10AM tomorrow (23 Mac 2011) till 30 Mac 2011, you can check your result by sending the SMS:
SPM SEMAK <IC No> <Angka Giliran>
And SMS to 15888.

Note that you will be charged RM0.15 for every message sent and RM0.20 for every message received.
I hope this service wont go down since i predict many will do so.

Enjoy SMSing and if you have some good news, please come and share it with me ๐Ÿ˜€
Leave a comment if you have any questions, or need any help.

I wish you guys good luck and congratulation for those who get a result that YOU satisfied.

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29 responses to “Check SPM Result via SMS”

  1. UPDATE: You can now check your SPM result via SMS. Refer to this post: [...]

  2. Tsunamacid_cac Avatar

    why only via sms?

    why not via the net? any clue which website?

    1. Kerryyap Avatar

      the way government make money

      1. well, i guess you are right too ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Kerryyap Avatar


    2. Their past record is no other method to check SPM result other than going to school. Unlike STPM which have the SMS and the website one. I guess its step by step. No checking through website yet.

  3. 10A's student Avatar
    10A’s student

    10 A! OMG

  4. Clairechinghh Avatar

    nothing happen.. i sms and did not get any reply.. =(

    1. i guess server too busy, when i took muet their sms result service also cacat

  5. 10am sharp i send and after 1 minute their reply is: RM0.00. Sorry, the service is temporary not available, Pls try again later…. This is MALAYSIA…

    1. ya la, this is what i expected too.

  6. Gucci Gitchie Avatar
    Gucci Gitchie

    no feedback =/

    1. ahha! Normal lah, probably the server is crashed with all the request….

  7. Angelgal_26 Avatar

    can check spm result by online please..

    1. erm, till now they still didnt have the service yet.

  8. Angelgal_26 Avatar

    can i check my spm result by online???

  9. just received the result, wht its mean 2D 2G 1T???

    1. Im not very sure, but if i remember correctly, T means you either didnt sit for that paper or you didnt take that exam. Erm, there might be a possibilities that you dropped a subject but they didnt note that down and cause that 1T to appear on your sijil. Go check for further details.

    2. Luvstrangeamanda Avatar

      check again i get it right ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Xuensucita Avatar

    Why is shown the system is not available??

    1. normal lah, probably server overwhelm.

  11. Check result via SMS,waisting time. Is not working at all!

    1. its work, but i had tried many time, last i send at 1.36pm and after few minute i received the result.

      1. different telco, prepaid and postpaid work differently also. last time my MUET experience is, my friend uses maxis postpaid can get result very fast, mine digi prepaid 10 times also cannot =.=

  12. lol it works la
    i received it in just a few second

  13. i send alrdy 3 message but haven’t reply yet

    1. This problem is quite common, try use different number (or telco), and try again.

  14. can anyone tell me 1E is pass? can get the sijil??

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