20,000 Page View Per Day Soon?

UPDATE: Actually i hit 20k page view yesterday night, ya, the night i posted this post! Thanks you guys. Hope i serve you well 🙂

Double site news today LOL
OK, im so happy that many people visited my site, at least i knew time i spent on doing this does help you guys.
If you are wondering how many people viewed the blog everyday? Well, not too much, a little more than 5000 viewed my blog everyday.
But page view looked better! Haha.
Thanks for all of you guys clicked the Share button on the top of every post. You are recommending more people to visit my blog!
If you havent did that, do that please….. haha

Wondering when will i hit 20k page view per day…
Soon maybe, and i believe.
Thanks everyone, i enjoy doing this very much!

btw, The stat above is taken on 10.15pm 20/10/2010
I think today will got another new pageview record! Hahaha



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