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Trial Pahang SPM 2010

UPDATE 10.10.10: Updated with Answer scheme. Check the link below! Here is the Trial Pahang SPM 2010 / Percubaan Pahang SPM 2010 uploaded to posterous, google docs and mediafire.com Unfortunately, i didnt get the original soft copy for you guys, since according to what i know, they stop distributing it, or at least my school […]

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Trial Melaka SPM 2010

Here is the Trial Melaka SPM 2010/Percubaan Melaka 2010 thanks to Moz@c for the files. The files from Moz@c (link can refer to source below) are raw files unorganized docs files. i took my time and compile it into single pdf file. With answer scheme attached. Since i did this at 2am midnight, hopefully i […]

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Trial Kedah SPM 2010

UPDATE 10/10/10: Updated with Maths and Add Maths Here are the set of Trial Kedah SPM 2010 taken from KETAM (Links below). Its originally in DJVU file (WTH is that file? never heard before) therefore i convert it to pdf format, and optimized the file size. The set of questions DO HAVE answers/answer scheme attached […]

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Trial Perak SPM 2010

*UPDATED ON 10/10/10*: Updated those answers with no questions with questions, now repacked with answer. Check out the download links below. Thanks Nazrin for tipping me via the comment Trial Perak SPM 2010 / Percubaan Perak SPM 2010 Some are only answers, no question. LOL I dont know if thats useful. This set of questions […]

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Trial Perlis SPM 2010

Huh here i present you the Trial Paper for Perlis 2010 SPM. Percubaan Perlis SPM 2010 Tell you, it took me 9-10 hours just to get this post up. SERIOUSLY! From the day i receive the link of the source at the chatbox and comment, it took me not less than 4-5 hours to download […]

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Times SPM 2010

As usual, Times do prepare a set of questions for SPM candidates to prepare themself. 2010 papers are out and i had done some tweak (smaller files) and combined the question with answers together. And its more printer friendly now. NOTE: The files are freaking big, and i had try my best to reduce the […]

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Gerak Gempur Perak SPM 2010

Gerak Gempur Perak 2010 is a set of questions specially written for Perak schools for them to practice and get ready for the real SPM/STPM exam. I believe this set of questions havent been uploaded to other blogs yet. So reblogs are welcome. This post contains all SPM papers, for STPM papers, please go to […]

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