About This Blog/Website:

This site is all about secondary and pre university education in Malaysia. I’ve been maintaining the site since 2005.
I started out at the year when Im doing my Form 5 SPM exam, I was doing my personal blog, but when i was looking for SPM materials (especially trial papers and tips) online, it wasnt much at that time. I decided to get everything i can, and scan it and put it online.
Since then, more and more people visiting my blog for SPM/STPM trial papers as well as tips. And I decided to continue writing and gathering those information and put it up on my blog since then.
I believe by doing this, and other educational project, can help students do well in their exam.

Although all of the post are written by me, but its only made possible by a group of contributors. They are the one who email me the trial papers, provide me with notes and tips, and help me to spread the words.

About The Author:

Im Joshuatly Tee Lien Yu,
Sysadmin @ OnApp Sdn Bhd.