Trial Kelantan STPM 2012 | Percubaan Kelantan STPM 2012

Trial Kelantan STPM 2012 with answer scheme
Percubaan Kelantan STPM 2012 dengan skema jawapan

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  • g0h chun jie

    physics paper : some content is duplicated .

    • joshuatly

      Haha. i see. just ignore those at the moment, my pirority is at putting up the rest of my papers 😀

  • xuntee


  • Sarah Neng

    Terima kasih :)

  • GundamZhen

    Hi there, i found 1 mistake in Maths T paper 1 Question 3. They made a big mistake in solution part. Beware guys.

  • GundamZhen

    It’s me again, Math T Paper 1 Question 7, isn’t the answer for 0.0’7’5′ = 25/333. Why this paper so many mistakes

    • joshuatly

      Please confirm with your teacher, I am not responsible for anything

      • GundamZhen

        Yeah i know that, just to inform those who face the same problem as me. Thx

  • GundamZhen

    Another MISTAKE. Maths T Paper 2 question 1. beware guys …………….

  • Stan

    Please release Maths S Paper 2. Thanks

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