Project Broken Links Restoration 2013

Hi All,

Im working on restoring and updating all the download links in my old blog posts. Below are the plan and you can use it to track the restoration progress.


Update all download links to use the new download page format (example). New download page format can make use of the multiple download servers to distribute load and avoid single point of failure.
Remove & Update all links with ip address. All links with this IP address will be dead by the end of August due to server migration to dedicated server.
Posterous got bought and shut down by Twitter, all posterous links are dead, need to be fixed asap.
Replace all free download hosting links.

Hope to finish this project by the end of next August 2013.

All fixed blog post will be republished to the main page.
I will proceed to fix all STPM posts then SPM posts.

You Can Help

Please let me know if you come across any post with no valid link.
Copy the URL and submit in the form below.
29-7-2013 11-47-17 PM

Daily Update Log

02/08/2013 Friday

01/08/2013 Thursday

Got lazy 😛

31/7/2013 Wednesday

Trial SMJK Tsung Wah Kuala Kangsar STPM 2010
Trial High School Klang STPM 2010
Trial SMK Green Road Kuching STPM 2010
Some changes and update in donation page.
Updated download page’s about page too.
Tired, need more sleep. Goodbye July.

30/7/2013 Tuesday

EXCEL Sabah SPM 2010
Trial Selangor STPM 2010
Trial St. Thomas Kuching STPM 2010
Trial Kedah STPM 2010
Trial Melaka STPM 2010
Trial Wilayah Persekutuan STPM 2010
Trial SMK Methodist Klang (ACS) STPM 2010
Trial Sabah STPM 2010

29/7/2013 Monday

STPM Maths Paper 1 Past Year Question
Kedah Trial STPM 2008
Melaka STPM Trial Papers 2008
Sarawak Kuching Trial STPM 2008


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