Announcement Time!

I got some important stuff to tell you guys, so please make sure you read all these stuff. Thanks

Happy Holiday

1. I would like to wish everyone happy holiday and selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin. And tomorrow is also merdeka day, so happy independent day to Malaysia! Proud to be a Malaysian. (BTW my 21th birthday also on tomorrow, 31th august. so you know what to do if you read this post on 31th august. haha)

Direct Download Links on ALL my posts

2. Direct Download. Every year i try to provide direct download link to all my materials, for last year, i took advantage of the service Posterous for hosting all the files to me. While that work pretty well, i think its time for me to host my own file. I bought a server (actually two, one havent start using yet) located in US to serve all the direct download files from now on (since Malaysia’s bandwidth is freaking expensive).
You will noticed direct download link section on the post itself, then will followed by mediafire links (or other mirrors). Since i didnt purchase a domain for the servers, and im happy to just use a ip address for that, so when you see everything from the two ip addresses below, you know the source if from I upload the files myself, so no worry about viruses or anything. <-- currently using to serve all direct download links <-- still have no plan if to use this server to serve download links or not.

So cheers if you are sick of mediafire's ads all over your face.

How to use Direct Download Link
For all direct download links, you are able to use the download manager of your choice to download them (I will recommend Free Download Manager since its free and open source).
Or if you choose not to download using download manager, just point to the link and right click & save link as.

If you have any problem with downloading files, head to Download FAQs page and look for solution. If there is no answer for your question, use the Contact Page to let me know.

Reward Program

3. I have started a Reward Program on the site, if you have been on this sites for the past few days, you will noticed that the red tag bar that has “REWARD” written on it, if you clicked it and follow the instructions, you are part of the reward program!!
In this program, you will be rewarded with points based on the actions you take on the site, and at some point, you will be able to redeem the points that you had collected for some REAL PRIZES and more!
PRIZES available:
– RM5 credit to your prepaid phone.
– Awesome games
– Text link ads to promote your blog/facebook/twitter
– more will be added.

Actions that will be rewarded
– Visit the site daily
– Like one of the post on the site (only first like of the day count)
– Post a comment (only first comment of the day count)
– Tweet a link about the site/post (only first tweet of the day count)
– Click a link / Download a file (coming soon)
– View a specific post at a specific time period (coming soon)
– and more is planned and will be implemented.

Tips for earning points
– Come to the site once a day. Remember to logged into facebook when you do so.
– Like a blog post everyday. It can be a new post, or an old post that i posted last year. Like one post a day and earn your points!
– Tweet a blog post everyday! If you use twitter, this is an advantage for you. If you dont, start using twitter now and follow me @joshuatly
– Leave a comment on a blog post everyday, as long as you dont spam create problem for me, its ok.
– Look for posts that is currently offering extra points (will be announcing that on facebook page and the top red bar)
– Read the FAQ for more tips (i will write the FAQ soon)

Hello bar/attention seeking bar!

I hope you already noticed the red top bar that will follow you wherever you go on my site. Please keep an eye on that, since it not only have the latest announcement or message i want to spread, but also some post that i had just updated, and also surprise like extra points for the reward program.
And one more thing, that bar scroll, do see all the messages i want to say!

Facebook Page

For a long time many people has asked me to setup a facebook page. And finally here is it! Only a week after i posted it up here, the page get more than 100 likes! Thanks for all who liked the page. And for those who havent, the url is

Oh one more tip, if you joined the reward program, like this page also give you another extra 100 points!
Please go like the page, and tell more friends to like the page! I hope to reach 1000 likes sometimes on September.
If the reach 1000 likes by or before 15th September 2011, you will see one reward item on the reward catalog with extremely low points (so you can redeem it faster). So please invite you friends.

Asking for Donation for this site

This site cost money to run, and Im still a student, have no money to run the site.
Truth is, if i dont get any donation by the end of this year, the site will probably shut down after 4 to 5 months.
My target is to raise RM3000 by the end of this year which will be just enough to cover all the cost needed for the next 12 months.
Please check out the donation page for more details and why i need your donation.
Every ringgit count.
BTW, you will get extra reward points if you donate.

Thats all for this time. Take care and gambateh!


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